Check Your Elevation and GPS Coordinates With Your (Ricoh) Camera for Only $1,149

If you really, really, really want to prove you visited a highpoint, Ricoh has come out with the Ricoh Pro G3 GPS Camera which records your coordinates and elevation with your shot. It’s a little pricey for a 3.2 megapixel, 3x Optical Zoom Camera ($1,149 for the camera, gps card and software) but if you really want to prove something… You can use the software to come up with nifty maps with pop up photos from each location. Forum thread item.

The San Diego Tribune has an article on the phenomenon. It also notes that many people are using their own cameras and gps receivers and then synchonizing the EXIF and Waypoint data with free software tools including

Stuffware Photo Studio
Wideworld Media Exchange

Eyeballing the specs it strikes me that oziphototool is the easiest and simplest.

The article also notes that cameras and gps receivers are bluetooth wireless equipped could conceivably do this.

There are several programs that allow you to synchonize your GPS coordinated photos with maps.

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Microsoft Seeks Patent on Longitude/Latitude

Slashdot has got tongues wagging over what it considers in essence an attempt by Micosoft to patent latitude/longitude over the presentation of data. The problem Microsoft says is that latitude/longitude in URL’s can take up too many digits. In the example in its patent application it notes to get one meter accuracy, the URL would have to be 19 charcters (e.g., 122.12926,47.64932). As I understand it, Microsoft is proposing to shorten the notation to base-30 notations so that alphabetic characters could be used thus shortening the URL. Comments on slashdot note that Microsoft would have been better off to using base-60 notations (e.g., 60 minutes in a degree, etc.) to comments that if this was implemented Microsoft would have a proprietary method of interacting with maps.


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Mytopo Gets Big Coverage Prior to NFC Championship Game is about to get the highest attention I’ve ever seen for a topo mapmaker. Their maps are to be used immediately prior to the NFC Championship game on Sunday between Philadelphia and Atlanta during CBS Coverage of the Subaru Primal Quest adventure race. You can download .pdf maps at the mytopo web site. They are the actual maps you buy. I have always said mytopo maps are the coolest of all mapping options given their waterproof quality and ability to combine quads to your specific needs. We have links to the Mytopo maps for highpoints on americasroof guide page. At you always have the option to print mytopo maps.

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Delaware First Adopter NAVD 88 For State Maps and Ebright Loses Foot!

The Colarado Springs Gazette reports that Delaware is the first state to adopt the use the new National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) for its paper maps (as opposed to the 1929 Datum – NGVD 29 — used by virtually all maps). Although I have not seen a copy of the maps, I checked to see the impact on Ebright Azimuth and the highpoint loses more than a foot in the conversion!

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How to Acclimatize in the Comfort of Your Own Home (for only $7,000)

Adam Helman has this interesting post over in the cohp.

For those with more cash in their wallet than time on their hands to properly acclimatize ….(such as a practicing physician???)

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Group Flags Rescuers With Flash Cameras on Snowdon

Group Flags Rescuers With Flash Cameras on Snowdon

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