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Tubbs Snowshoes Abandons Vermont for China

The News Observer reports the Tubbs Snowshoe factory in Stowe, Vermont, is moving to China. Founded in Norway, Maine, in 1906, Tubbs once supplied snowshoes to the South Pole expedition of Richard Byrd and to the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Hunters and woodsmen made up the bulk of the customers for many years. Owner Ed Kiniry, who said production last year was 110,000, was named Vermont’s “Exporter of the Year” by the state’s Chamber of Commerce two years ago. The move occurred after he sold the company to K2. Incidentally, still lists Stowe as its contact number.

Proposal To Replace 3 Mansfield T.V. Towers

Newsday reports 3 t.v. stations plan to replace the t.v. towers on Mount Mansfield. The Fox affiliate WPTZ from Plattsburgh, NY, plans to WCAX, Vermont Public Television and WVNY on the mountain. Plans call for two narrow monopole towers and a third tower with a wider base and monopole at top. They would be 165 to 173 feet tall. If they are taller than 200 feet they would have to be lit which officials note they do not want to do. If they are lower they would put radio frequency energy on the Mansfield Nose. Several years ago the trail had to be closed because of microwave hazards on the Nose. Officials note for three or four years the three new towers and the three old towers will be on the WCAX Building which is also going to be expanded in the $4 million project.
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