Ohio Doesn’t Like How Arcata is Treating Its McKinley Monument

Canton, Ohio, doesn’t like how Arcata, California, is treating its statue of William McKinley.

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Cleveland Closes Park and Kills Coyote Mother After Attack on Dog and Bicyclist

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on the closure of North Chagrin Reservation after a pair of aggressive female coyotes bit a bicyclist and a pet dog over the weekend. Officials have killed one of the coyotes which is believed to be protected its young.

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Beacon Journal Busts Ohio Rumor: Akron Is Not The State (or even County) Highpoint

The Beacon-Journal has a very funny story on Akron myths including this:
Claim: Akron is the highest place in Ohio. Reality: Akron isn’t even the highest place in Summit County. Yes, the name is derived from the Greek word “akros,” which means “high place,” but it was selected because the town was the highest point on the Ohio & Erie Canal. A spot near Goodyear Heights Reservoir is Akron’s highest point at 1,206 feet above sea level. The highest elevation in Summit County — 1,320 feet above sea level — is near Broadview and Brush roads in Richfield. If you really want to visit the highest place in Ohio, climb Campbell Hill in Logan County’s Bellefontaine. It’s 1,549 feet above sea level.

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Logan County Commissioners Meet at Hi-Point to Deal With 21,000 Power Outage in Ohio Storms

The Bellefontaine Examiner reports The Logan County Commissions met at Hi-Point Vocational Center in an attempt to deal with the massive Ohio storms that knocked out power for 21,000 county residents and prompted the county to be in a state of emergency. Click here to read all Examiner articles on Hi-Point.

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