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Bill Introduced to Turn Over Acadia National Park to Maine

WLBZ reports that Rep. Henry Joy of Crystal has introduced a bill demanding that Acadia National Park be turned over to the State of Maine. The bill is aimed at blocking Roxanne Quimby’s proposed Maine Woods National Park. Jym St. Pierre of RESTORE-The Maine Woods, the group seeking to establish a new national park in northern Maine, said Joy has a history of putting in silly legislative bills. He called Joy’s move “political posturing.”

Roxanne Quimby Considering Swap to Give Katahdin Lake to Baxter State Park

The Press Herald reports that the Trust for Public Land and land preservationist Roxanne Quimby are working on a land swap to 18,000 acres including Katahdin Lake to Baxter State Park. Katahdin Lake was on the original 1921 map Gov. Percival Baxter drew up however it has remained in private hands. It is a ccessible only by foot or by seaplane, it offers spectacular views of Mount Katahdin. The swap is with logging contractor William Gardner. Gardner would give up 18,361 acres he owns next to Baxter State Park, including the Wassataquoik Stream valley. In return, he would get $3 million and about 14,400 acres of Township 5 Range 8, the township that Quimby and her Elliotsville Plantation Inc. bought for $12 million two years ago.

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