11-Year-Old Scout Falls 60 Feet at Backbone State Park, Iowa

WF Courier reports 11-year-old Kyle fell 60 feet while climbing a cliff at Backbone State Park.

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How to Ice Climb in Iowa? Use a Silo!

The Los Angeles Times reports that Don Briggs at the University of Northern Iowa has a way for Midwesterners to ice climb by using grain silos. This is accomplished by pouring water from a hose down a concrete (not metal) silo. Climbers will be competing this weekend to climb four silos — 55 to 70 feet high. Course record for a 65-foot silo is 23 seconds.

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Merrill Sterler, Gracious Owner of Hawkeye Point (1930-2004)

Donna and Merrill Sterler on Hawkeye Point Merrill Sterler, owner of the Iowa highpoint and one of the kindest men on the planet, has passed. Below is his obituary from basinelectic.com. You can read an interview Roger Rowlett conducted with the Sterlers in August 2003. You can express your opinions in the forum.


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