Backcountry Accidents: Helicopter Rescue of Dog and Hikers in California, AT Accident in Maryland, Fatal Fall in Illinois

Here’s a round up of backcountry accidents in California, Maryland and Illinois.

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Hiker Ticketed After Fall in Starved Rock State Park in Illinois

The PJStar reports a hiker at Starved Rock State Park was ticketed for unlawful hiking off trail and entering a restricted area after he had to be rescued following a 50 foot fall. Police say Brian Hack, 29, had been drinking before the accident.

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2005 Charles Mound Illinois Visitation Dates

Here are the Saturday/Sunday pairs of Open Access Dates for Charles Mound in Illinois:
June 4 & 5
July 2 & 3
August 6 & 7
September 3 & 4

Visit during daylight hours (there are private residences involved).

Consider calling ahead for Illinois.
(815) 845-2552 (Home) (815) 845-2625 (Work)Email:

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