Hualapai Plan January 2006 Dedication of Glass Bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk 4,000 Feet Above the Canyon Floor

A press release indicates the Hualapai plan to dedicate a glass bottomed walk jutting 70 over the Grand Canyon and 4,000 feet above the canyon floor in January 2006.

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Arizona Club to Sprinkle Ashes on 315 Mountains Around Tucson

Arizona Central reports Charlie Whitmore asked his climbing buddy Richard Kane to sprinkle his ashes on the 315 mountain peaks around Tucson.

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Heat Fatalities in Grand Canyon and Lake Powell

Heat was blamed for hiking fatalities in the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell

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6 Rescues at South Mountain Park in Phoenix This Year

Arizona Central reports authorities have had a rash of rescues at South Mountain Park near Phoenix including rescuing a naked man.

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2nd Degree Murder Charges Refiled in Arizona Trail Dog Confrontration

The Arizona Daily Sun reports Harold Fish has been charged again for the second-degree murder of unarmed Grant Kuenzli following a dog confrontration on a trail near Payson, Arizona

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USGS Lists 169 Volcanoes That Need to Be Watched

Spatial News reports the USGS has issued it first list of 169 U.S. volcanoes that need to be monitored through its National Volcano Early Warning System (NVEWS) .

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Climber With No Gear in 75 Foot Fatal Fall at White Rock Wash in Arizona

Lake Mead National Recreation Area (AZ,NV)
Teenager Killed in Fall

According to the NPS Morning Report at about 6:30 p.m. on April 5th, dispatchers received notice that a young man had fallen off rocks while hiking near White Rock Wash. Rangers and Mohave County Sheriff’s Office personnel responded and found that the 17-year-old Las Vegas boy had died in the fall. Jason Kyle and two friends had been hiking when he decided to attempt to scale a wall. He was not using any climbing gear or safety equipment of any kind. Kyle reached a point where he could no longer go up the face of the rock. He was attempting to climb back down when he fell about 75 feet to his death. This area of the park is popular among hikers who visit the Arizona Hot Springs on Lake Mohave. White Rock Wash is located in Arizona and can be accessed at about mile marker 5 on U.S. 93 (south of Hoover Dam). This is the park’s fourth fatality this year. [Submitted by Roxanne Dey, Public Affairs Specialist]

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Murder Charges Refiled in Arizona Trail Dog Confrontation

Arizona Central reports prosecutors have refiled the second degree murder charges against Harold Fish who is accused of shooting an unarmed hiker in a dog confrontation at a Coconino County trailhead near Payson this spring.

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Navajos Upset Over Wastewater Snowmaking at Arizona Snowbowl

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Navajos are upset with the Forest Service recent approval of a plan to use recycled sewage water for snow making at the Arizona Ski Bowl. 14 tribes have opposed the move and there were 10,000 comments before Cocincino Supervisor Nora Rasure made the annoucement. The Snowbowl occupies just 777 acres in a mountain forest covering 74,000 acres – 1 percent of which is directly impacted by skiing. The are 400 ski related Flagstaff jobs supporting the 150,000 annual visitors. The Navajo compare the San Francisco Mountains to the National Cathedral. In another related battle Devil’s Tower in Wyoming is considering renaming the land “Bear Lodge” — its traditional name.

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Judge Throws Out Murder Charge in Arizona Shooting Over Dog Confrontation

Azcentral reports a judge has thrown out the murder charge against a man who killed another hiker in a dispute over dogs on a trail in Coconino County.

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Snowmaking Approved at Arizona Snowbowl

KPHO reports Coconino National Forest Supervisor Nora Rasure has approved a proposal that will authorize snowmaking at the Arizona Snowbowl as well as other improvements. The Forest Service had received 10,000 comments. Arizona Snowbowl encompasses 777 acres of national forest lands (approximately one percent of the San Francisco Peaks), and operates under a Special Use Permit issued by the Coconino National Forest. The FEIS, Response to Comments, Record of Decision and other information about this project can be obtained on the internet at In addition, hard copies are available for review at the Peaks Ranger District, the Coconino National Forest Supervisor’s Office, the Flagstaff Public Library and the NAU Cline Library government documents section. Hard copies and CDs are also available upon request. There will be a 45-day appeal period that begins after a legal notice appears in the Arizona Daily Sun. Any appeals will be filed with the Regional Forester of the Southwestern Region in Albuquerque, NM.

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Africa Bees Attack 32 Hikers in Saguaro National Park

Fox11 in Arizona reports that 32 members of a running club were stung by Africanized bees in Saguaro National Park. Two who were hospitalized with anaphylactic shock, authorities said. THe hikers scattered from the location and a helicopter search had to find four of them.

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Fatal Grand Canyon Rafting Accident During Intentional Flooding

Fatal Grand Canyon Rafting Accident During Intentional Flooding

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