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5 Alps Fatalities (Including on Mont Blanc and Eiger)

Various reports indicate five people died in recent accidents in the Alps including 3 fatalities on Mont Blanc and Eiger.

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3 Fatalities as 16,000 Including President Climb Ukraine’s Highest Mountain Hoverla

KVIPost reports three people died while climbing Ukraine’s highest point Hoverla to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this ex-Soviet republic’s declaration of sovereignty.

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Blackmail, Threats, Extortion Hamper Climbing in Pakistan has an article on dfficulties with climbing in Pakistan including outlandish charges for rescues and blackmailing in order to get permits.

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Record 1,333 Climbers Attempt McKinley in 2005

The Anchorage Daily News reports that a record 1,333 attempted McKinley in 2005.

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Peter Gruber and Thomas Brunauer Claim 9 Hour 50 Minute Roundtrip Kilimanjaro Record

Xinhuanet reports Austrians Peter Gruber and Thomas Brunauer claim to have a round Kilimanjaro record of 9 hours and 50 minutes.

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Sean Burch Claims to Climb Kilimanjaro in Record 5 Hours 28 Minutes and 58 Seconds

The Guardian reports Sean Burch from Washington State climbed Kilimanjaro from Gate to summit in a record 5 hours 28 minutes and 58 seconds.

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Tanzania Upset Over Kenya Claim to Kilimanjaro

The BBC reports Tanzania is upset that Kenya told tourist operators Kilimanjaro is in Kenya.

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Mount Logan’s Youngest Summiter Jessica Aulik in Fatal Avalanche

CBC reports Jessica Aulik who at 17 was the youngest to climb Canada’s Mount Logan was killed in an avalanche on the east ridge during a climb on May 31.

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Blogger Robert Milne Collapsed 1,300 Feet from Completing 7 Summits

The Daily Record and other sources report Robert Milne collapsed on Everest 1,300 feet from completing the 7 summits.

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Report: Everest Eurocopter Landing Was Hoax

Everestnews is reporting that the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has said the pilot of the Eurocopter has told them that he did not actually land on the Everest summit on May 14 and 15 as widely publicized but rather … Continue reading

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Interracial Marriage Surprises Parents and Rotarians on Everest

An attempt by the Rotarians to plant their centennial flag on Everest got a surprise: the summit’s first marriage.

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Danielle Fisher of Washington State Completes 7 Summits At Age 20

Various sources report Danielle Fisher, of Bow, Washington, climbed Mount Everest to become the youngest to climb the 7 summits at age 20.

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Photos of Eurocopter Landing on Everest

Eurocopter has released a gallery showing the landing of its Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 helicopter piloted by Didier Delsalle on Mount Everest on May 14 and May 15.

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3 Airlifted Off Mount Logan in 140 KPH Winds reports 3 climbers were short lined by 3 helicopters off of Mount Logan after 140 kph winds shredded their tents in -30C weather.

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170,000 To Form Human Ring Around Armenian Highpoint Aragats reports 170,000 people are to form a living chair around Armenia’s highest point — Aragats.

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