Proposal To Replace 3 Mansfield T.V. Towers

Newsday reports 3 t.v. stations plan to replace the t.v. towers on Mount Mansfield. The Fox affiliate WPTZ from Plattsburgh, NY, plans to WCAX, Vermont Public Television and WVNY on the mountain. Plans call for two narrow monopole towers and a third tower with a wider base and monopole at top. They would be 165 to 173 feet tall. If they are taller than 200 feet they would have to be lit which officials note they do not want to do. If they are lower they would put radio frequency energy on the Mansfield Nose. Several years ago the trail had to be closed because of microwave hazards on the Nose. Officials note for three or four years the three new towers and the three old towers will be on the WCAX Building which is also going to be expanded in the $4 million project.

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Search Abandoned After 2 Weeks in Pemigewasset Wilderness

The Union Leader reports officials have abandoned thesearch Robert Sypek. Working from a brief note left in the car that said he was heading on a hike to the Galehead and Zealand huts, ground crews covered about 25 miles of trails Saturday while air searches flew over the White Mountains down to the Pemigewasset Wilderness. Sypek lived alone and apparently embarked on the 16-mile hike on or about Jan. 25. He has not been seen or heard from since then.

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Kilimanjaro Porters Protest Working Conditions

The London Times reports porters who carry bags up Mount Kilimanjaro to alert the world to horrible conditions including as many as ten porters being forced to sleep in tents designed for four, no sleeping bags or mats and not providing adequate cold weather clothes (usually what they have is provided by tourists). The group is supported by the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) started work on a new medical post and shelter at Machermo in Nepal. Previously porters were forced to sleep in caves there.


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2 Ice Climbers Airlifted Off Vulture Mountain Vermont

The Champlaign Channel reports two ice climbers on Vulture Mountain in Vermont airlifted after a 30 foot fall. Jason Osbourne, of Quechee, was airlifted to Darmouth Hitchcock Medical Center with a broken leg. His companion Bill Proft, of Bethel, had hypothermia after spending more than five hours in the cold.

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Navy Investigates Why Nuclear Sub Hit Undersea Mountain Which Was Not on U.S. But Was On Russian Map

The New York Times and other newspapers have released dramatic photos of the Nuclear Submarine USS San Francisco which collided head on at top speed (30 knots) with an uncharted undersea mountain 500 feet below the surface 360 miles southeast of of Guam on January 8. The crashed killed one and injured 60. Still it survived thanks to its inner hall. Authorities say the mountain was on Russian charts for five years. It noted the U.S. had not updated its chart since 1989 even though satellite photos had shown the mountain. The photos of the sub show a destroyed front end of the sub with hull peeled backed to the inner hull. Authorities say the fiberglass front dome which has sonar gear was designed with flooded water and that cushioned the blow. The Navy has reassigned the sub’s captain while they investigate. The sub was built in 1981 and overhauled in 2002.

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50 Planned Human Chain Relay for Rescue on Queensland Australia’s Highest Point

THe Herald Sun reports that 40 to 50 rescuers planned to form a human chain to relay down a man injured on Queensland, Australia’s highest mountain 1,615m Mt Bartle Frere near Babinda, south of Cairns. However when weather cleared the man was airlifted.

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State Highpoints Converted to NAVD 88 Data (Delaware Big Loser — 1 Foot and Colorado Big Winner + 7 Feet)

I have converted state highpoint heights to the from NGVD 29 to NAVD 88 data using the USGS Verton calculator.

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Body Sliding Teen Survives 75 Foot Avalance in Olympic National Park

The Peninsula News reports a Port Townsend teenager body sliding at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park wasswept 75 feet downhill by an avalanche. He survived unhurt. Park officials said it was a wind-slab avalanche, about 120 feet wide and 200 feet long. Such slab avalanches are the most common type caused by skiers and snowboarders

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Another Tsunami Survivor Fatality in Rock Climbing Accident

The Australian News reports Singapore-based James Creffield, 39, fell from a relatively low height while rock climbing at a former quarry in a nature reserve on Saturday. Creffield survived the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand.

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Beacon Journal Busts Ohio Rumor: Akron Is Not The State (or even County) Highpoint

The Beacon-Journal has a very funny story on Akron myths including this:
Claim: Akron is the highest place in Ohio. Reality: Akron isn’t even the highest place in Summit County. Yes, the name is derived from the Greek word “akros,” which means “high place,” but it was selected because the town was the highest point on the Ohio & Erie Canal. A spot near Goodyear Heights Reservoir is Akron’s highest point at 1,206 feet above sea level. The highest elevation in Summit County — 1,320 feet above sea level — is near Broadview and Brush roads in Richfield. If you really want to visit the highest place in Ohio, climb Campbell Hill in Logan County’s Bellefontaine. It’s 1,549 feet above sea level.

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Fall on Frankenstein Cliff in New Hampshire

The Union Leader reports Gerald Prutsman, 53, was ice climbing on what’s known as the Chia Route on Frankenstein’s Cliff in Hart’s Location , along with Ryan Roach, 18, when he fell 30 feet. About 25 other climbers were nearby including including Dr. Brian Irwin who is with the Mountain Rescue Service. He was taken to the hospital where he was released.

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Hiker Drinks Swamp Water While Lost 6 Days in Everglades

Local 6 reports that Bent Lorentzen survived 6 days lost in the Everglades after being stalked by a panther and drinking swamp water. He was discovered by a search helicopter.

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Merrill Sterler, Gracious Owner of Hawkeye Point (1930-2004)

Donna and Merrill Sterler on Hawkeye Point Merrill Sterler, owner of the Iowa highpoint and one of the kindest men on the planet, has passed. Below is his obituary from You can read an interview Roger Rowlett conducted with the Sterlers in August 2003. You can express your opinions in the forum.


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Teen Breaks Leg in 400 Foot Fall on Mount Coldon

The AP published on WNBC reports 16-year-old Allen Glick of Englewood, N.J. lost his footing and slid 400 feet on Mount Coldon where he broke his leg. His party called 911 and transported him to Lake Arnold where rangers evacuated him.

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Photos of Mount Rogers Ponies in Snow

Mount Rogers Horses in Snow Blake Cicenas has passed along a couple awesome photos of the Mount Rogers ponies a couple weeks ago in the snow. You can see them at the Virginia Gallery.

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