Lightning Fatality in Tent at Killarney Provincial Park in Canada

Sootoday reports Victor Rossokhaty was killed by a lightning strike on their tent at Topaz Lake on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in the Killarney Provincial Park in Canada.

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4 Fatalities Feared in Avalanche on Mount Belukha in Russia

Mosnews reports four are feared to have died in an avalanche on 14,800-foot Mount Belukha in southern Russia

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2 Fatalities on Most Difficult Ushba Route in Georgia’s Caucasus

Ushba reports two Georgian climbers from a Georgian-Dutch expedition perished on the 4,710-meter Ushba mountain in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains.

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Sixth Water/Snowmelt Fatality in Sequoia National Park

The AP reports there have been 6 water/snowmelt fatalities in Sequoia National Park following the record snows this winter.

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First Tahoe City Days for thru-hikers on Pacific Crest Trail

Tahoe World reports there was a light turnout for its first annual Tahoe City Trailday for Pacific Crest thru-hikers.

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3 Fatalities on Sharkfin Tower in Worst Accident in Mountaineers History

Two Mountaineers instructors were killed on Sharkfin Tower in the North Cascades — the worst accident in the Club’s history.

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Altitude Sickness Blamed in Fatality at Cameron Pass in Colorado

The Denver Channel are puzzled over why Nathan Bell, 17, died while climbing at 10,200 feet near Cameron Pass during a six-day backpacking trip with his church group.

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Fatal 300 Foot Fall on Cloudveil Dome in Tetons

The AP reports Heather L. Paul, 34, of Jackson, died while descending Cloudveil Dome with a partner.

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RCMP Hug A Tree And Survive Campaign

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have put up a coloring book urging children to hug a tree to survive — in other words stay in one place until rescuers come.

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11 Injured in Lightning Strike at Old Faithful

11 visitors were injured in a lightning strike at Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

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Fatal Fall on Jasper’s Endless Chain Ridge

CBC reports Geronimo Dagang fell 1,000 feet from a rock face in Alberta’s Jasper National Park Endless Chain Ridge.

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Grizzly Mauls Woman in Alberta Tree

CTV reports a grizzly killed a woman in a tree on Bench Trail in Canmore, Alberta.

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Woman Rescue in Heavy Storm at Amistad NRA in Texas

The NPS Morning Report says a woman was rescued in heavy storm after she fell in Pecos River Canyon in Amistad NRA.

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Glacier Male Black Bear Destroyed After Swiping Car

The NPS Morning Report says a male black bear in Glacier National Park was killed after it shredded shirts thrown at it and then swiped the car of a fleeing family.

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80 Foot Fatal Fall in Chickasaw NRA in Oklahoma

The NPS morning report says William Autrey was found the foot of an 80 foot cliff in the Bromide Hill area of Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma.

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