Mountaineers Now Urge Climbers Whether It Is Safer to Wait for Help

The Mountaineers are planning to teach climbers to evaluate whether it is safer to wait for help.

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Texas Hiker in Helicopter Rescue After Jumping Mount Bonnell Fence May Face Fine

Austin is considering a $500 fine for hiker who jumped the fence on Mount Bonnell and had to be rescued by helicopter.

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Judge Throws Out $20 Million Wrongful Death Suit in Yosemite

A judge has thrown out the lawsuit that Yosemite was responsible for a fatal rock slide.

Below is the original September 14, 2005, post:
Superclimb reports climbers fear a $20 million wrongful death suit against Yosemite will end the sport there.

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Rainier Study Reveals Major Quake Threat at Ohanapecosh

Geologists in reviewing a 3D Cat scan of Rainier have upgraded the earthquake possibilites on fault Ohanapecosh.

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Avalanche Kills 2 After Posing for Picture on Switzerland’s Obergabellhorn

The Mirror reports Chris Baybutt, 46, was killed in an avalanche after posing for a picture atop Switzerland’s 4,063m Obergabelhorn taken by fellow policeman John Lucas, 40 last July.

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Early Snows Result in Earliest Northwest Ski Opening in 11 Years

Snow has resulted in the earliest ski opening in the Pacific Northwest since Nov. 5, 1994.

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Hualapai Plan January 2006 Dedication of Glass Bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk 4,000 Feet Above the Canyon Floor

A press release indicates the Hualapai plan to dedicate a glass bottomed walk jutting 70 over the Grand Canyon and 4,000 feet above the canyon floor in January 2006.

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Glacier Grizzly Mom Spared After Attack on Hikers

Helenair reports a female grizzly that attacked and injured two California hikers in August in Glacier National Park will be spared because authorities believe she reacted to a perceived threat to her two cubs.

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Fatal Fall on Goat Mountain, Oregon

KOIN reports Curtis Charles Meister fell 100-150 feet to his death on Goat Mountain, outside Estacada, Oregon.

The friends said they were all hiking when Meister said he wanted to climb down the cliff. He lost his grip and fell 150-200 feet to the ground below. He suffered an extensive head wound.

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18 Killed Mount Kangru in Nepal Avalanche

Outlook India reports 18 climbers including seven French nationals were killed in an avalanche on 6981m Mount Kangru in north-west district of Manang in Nepal.

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Fatal Fall at Lake of the Woods Escarpment in Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains

The Ironwood Daily reports Joseph Westbrook died after falling 150 feet from the Lake of the Clouds Escarpment in Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains. He had been reported missing on Oct. 4 but was found on Oct. 23.

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Ted Keizer Attempts 50 KM in 50 States in 74 Days

Ted Keizer is seeking Duofold Hike 50 challenge, trekking 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) in 50 states within 100 days

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Rash of Banff Grizzly Attacks in Suprise Encounters With Sows and Cubs

The Globe and Mail reports a grizzly with a sow attacked hikers on a trail in Banff.

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Nanga Parbat Discovery Deepens Reinhold Messner Mystery

The discovery of a leather boot and body on Nanga Parbat has only deepened the controvery whether climbing legend Reinhold Messner abandoned his 24-year-old brother Gunther 30 years ago.

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6 Avalanche Fatalities on Chaukhamba

Sify reports six soldiers from India were swept away in an avalanche on 7,163 metre high Chaukhamba.

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