Czech Dies While Attempting to Ski Down Denali’s Messner Couloir

Pavel Michut, 45, fell his death while attempting to ski down Denali’s Messner Couloir it was reported on May 29, 2016.

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Fatalities on Everest in 4 Consecutive May Days

There have been 4 fataltiies on Everest so far this season.
*Phurba Sherpa died died THursdsay, May 19 about 150 meters from the summit.
*Eric Arnold, 36, of the Netherlands, died Friday, May 20 while coming down from a successful summit
*Maria Strydom, 34, of Australia died Saturday, May 21, from altitude sickness at Camp IV
*Subash Paul, 44, died Sunday, May 22, at Base Camp

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Baxter Seeks $10,000 Search Costs After Hiker Doesn’t Register and Hikes Into Big Storm on Katahdin

For the third time in Baxter State history, the park is seeking to have a lost hiker pay $10,000 for the search for him after he didn’t self-register on December 8 and then was reported lost.

The search which involved a Black Hawk helicopter was postponed after two hours because of heavy snows. The hiker left the Helon Taylor Trail and spent the night in the woods in the storm. He was eventually found walking down Roaring Brook Road as a ranger was beginning his search.

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Ameren Documentary on Taum Sauk Collapse Stirs Controversy

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other newspapers are being surprised by Ameren’s P.R. push following the Taum Sauk disaster with the airing of “A New Beginning: Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park”

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Road to Mount Greylock Closed Until 2009

The road to Mount Greylock is closed and scheduled to reopen in 2009. You can get updates on the official site which notes:

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Change in Kentucky Waiver Address

The State of Kentucky has taken over the Kentucky Coal Museum in Benham which is where waivers to climb Black Mountain had been housed and the state of Kentucky does not want to handle them. You now must mail the waiver directly to the Penn-Virginia Coal Company.

Waivers are required because the highpoint is on private property and there is coal mining operations in the area.

The release is available at:

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I’ve fallen behind on posts. Here’s some uncharacterized links.

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Profile of Maine’s Harry Vanderweide

Maintoday has an amusing article Harry Vanderweide a rotound character who is frequently evoked in various Maine battles.

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3 Hurt in 500 Foot Mount Hood Fall

Three were hurt in a 500 foot Mount Hood fall.

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Backcountry Accidents: Four Peaks, Arizona and Franklin Mountains, Texas

Backcontry Accidents: Fatalitie in Four Peaks Wilderness in Arizona and Franklin Mountains of Texas.

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Jury in Arizona Hiker Shooting Find Bullet on Trail

A jury member in the Grant Kuenzli case found a bullet at the crime scene when they were taken there.

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International Backcountry Accidents – Vancouver, Sherpas, Snowdonia, France, South Africa

International backcountry accident wrap up:


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Coyote, Bear, Mountain Lion Attacks in CO, MA, TN, WA

Here’s a summary of coyote, bear and mountain lion reports in Tennessee, Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts.

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Mount Princeton Fourteener Rescue

Hikers rescued in nick of time

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Fatal Snowden Fall; 11 Scouts Killed in Columbian Disaster

Tributes paid to Snowdon climber
BBC News – UK

Tributes have been paid to an experienced climber who died after a fall of nearly 700ft (213m) on Snowdon. Donal McGrath, 61, of …


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