Taum Sauk Park Supt. Jerry Toops on the Roar, the Miracle and Dealing with Hypothermia Burning

Taum Sauk State Park Superintendent Jerry Toops gave his first press conference after a billion gallons of water from Ameron’s pumped storage facility washed away his home and children.

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35 Percent Increase in Lyme Disease Deer Ticks in Northeast

Mongabay reports a 35 percent increase in Lyme Disease bearing deer ticks following the hot dry summer.

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Czech Helicopter Company Offers $52 Rescue Policy

Prague Monitor reports winter climbers in the Czech Republic can pay $52 to guarantee helicopter rescues.

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Marathoners Warned That Drinking Too Much Water Can Kill

For years hikers have always been told you can’t drink too much water — but now the New York Times reports that the biggest threat to marathoners is drinking too much water.

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