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Book About 1967 Tragedy That Killed Seven on Mount McKinley

The Washington Post has a review of “Forever on the Mountain” by James M. Tabor about the 1967 Mount McKinley tragedy that claimed the lives of seven men. The climbing team had come together late and was divided into two factions, which seems to have contributed to the disaster. Joe Wilcox, one of the expedition’s leaders, has shouldered much of the blame through the years, both from fellow team members and others. In this book, Tabor sets out to vindicate him.

Savage Summit: The Fatal Lifes of the First 5 Women to Summit K2

The New York Times in reviewing Jennifer Jordan’s book about the first five women who climbed K2 (and had unhappy ends) notes the women also had unhappy lifes. The book is entitled “Savage Summit : The True Stories of the First Five Women Who Climbed K2, the World’s Most Feared Mountain.” For instance there’s Wanda Rutkiewicz who climbed 8 of the world’s 14 peak over 8,00 meters. She had three husbands, few friends and fellow climbers stole her sleeping bag on Everest and her fellow male climbers claimed she never summited Annapurna until she produced the pictures to prove it. Chantal Mauduit was derided for using sherpas –which most climbers use. There was Alison Hargreaves who is believed to have perished on K2 as an attempt to safe her flagging fortunes. There other woman are Julie Tullis and Liliane Barrard .
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