New Highpointing Book: A Walk Across the Top of America

The Winston-Salem JounralNow reports on Douglas Butler’s highpointing book A Walk Across the Top of America.

Butler, 52, lives in a hillside home that overlooks acres of rolling pastures in Ashe County. He willingly uproots himself for weeks at a time to work and travel. Trained in family and emergency medicine, Butler is a doctor for Project USA, which provides medical care for American Indians.
The idea of reaching the highest points in each state took root when Butler was a high-school student in Colorado. A teacher casually mentioned that it was something he would like to do. At that point, only one person had accomplished the feat.

“It stuck in my mind,” Butler said. “It came to me in the late ’90s that if I had the time, I’d take it to get all 50 high points.”

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