40th Anniversary of Fatal Crash on Mount Washington Cog Railway

The Associated Press via Newsday has a story on the 40th anniversary of a crash on the Mount Washington cog railway which killed 8 and injured at least 70.

But the railway had its darkest day on Sept. 17, 1967, when eight passengers were killed and at least 70 were injured when an engine derailed at an open switch at the Skyline Platform about a mile below the summit as the train was backing down the track.

The engine rolled off the trestle, leaving the passenger car to speed down the mountain until it jumped from the tracks, flew 30 feet through the air, hit a large rock and landed on its side.

An investigation revealed that the switch had not been properly configured for the descending train. The state later ruled that all trains must go slowly over the switches, and only after a brakeman inspects each switch to make sure they are set properly. It also ordered the railway to submit annual reports before the opening of each season.

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