Stargazing in Kenton, Oklahoma – “the darkest place in the world”

The Tulsa World has an article about stargazing at Kenton, Oklahoma, which locals say is the darkest place in the world.

The article poetically begins:
The other side of the mesa is in Colorado.

The closest grocery is in New Mexico.

The hospital, Amarillo.

The map shows that Kenton — the westernmost town in the westernmost county in the Panhandle — is part of Oklahoma, but maps can be misleading.

The clocks are all set to mountain time.

The capitals of two other states are closer to Kenton than Oklahoma City is. Both seem dearer to the hearts of certain locals, the ones who refer to people who hail from the other side of Woodward as “downstaters.”

Even the cicadas of summer hum to a different cadence — faster, higher — than do the bugs of Tulsa.

Kenton might be part of this state, but it’s certainly in a different state of mind.

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