Urban Legend About Central Landfall Being Higher Than Jerimoth Hill

The Jamestown Press reports on the urban that the Central Landfill is higher than Jerimoth Hill (it’s not)

Myth #11 – The Central Landfill is the highest point in Rhode Island. Not true. Jerimoth Hill in Foster is 812 feet. By comparison, the Central Landfill is 540 feet above sea level, with an actual height of 230 feet. Specifi- cally, if you were to stand at the base of the landfill and measure its height, you will find that it is 230 feet tall. It is not the tallest “man-made structure” in Rhode Island either. A fair number of well-known buildings are all taller than 230 feet including The Bank of America Building, a.k.a. the “Superman” building; The Westin Hotel; Textron’s headquarters at 40 Westminster St.; One Financial Plaza, formerly known as the Fleet Center; and URI’s Chafee Hall in Kingston.

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