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Most Avoid Valley of Death McKinley West Rib Route

Climbing season has started on McKinley. The Anchorage Daily News has an interesting article on the hazardous West Rib Route in its coverage.

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Washington Approves Rainier Quarter

The Washington State quarter will have a design that features Mount Rainier.

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300 Foot Fall on Mount Hood Reid Glacier

Jeremy Buck survived a 300 foot fall down Reid Glacier on Mount Hood.

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11 Feared Dead on Elbrus

Eleven climbers are reported to have been killed on Elbrus. Seven of the bodies have been recovered.

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Ameren Predicts $73 Million in Taum Sauk Repairs

Ameren is predicting it will cost $73 million to repair the damage and settle liability issues arising from the December 2005 collapse of the Taum Sauk reservoir.

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Japanese Report: Middle Aged More Likely for Backcountry Accidents

A Japanese story noting three middle aged climbers died in an Avalanche notes that middle aged climbers are more vulnerable to problems because they don’t know their strength is weakening.

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Climber Takes Swipe at Krakauer’s Into Thin Air Book

Gau Ming-Ho a climber depicted as a slow selfish climber that led to the problems highlighted in Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air”, has launched a documentary refuting the claims and saying the problems lie with the corruption of the guide … Continue reading

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Jury in Arizona Hiker Shooting Find Bullet on Trail

A jury member in the Grant Kuenzli case found a bullet at the crime scene when they were taken there.

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Former Rainier Ranger in Avalanche in Canadian Rockies

Charlie Borgh, a former climbing ranger at Mount Rainier, died in an avalanche in the Canadian Rockies.

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Backcountry Accidents: Helicopter Rescue of Dog and Hikers in California, AT Accident in Maryland, Fatal Fall in Illinois

Here’s a round up of backcountry accidents in California, Maryland and Illinois.

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NPS Backs Off Advertising Plan for National Parks

The National Park Service has backed off on a proposal to permit advertising in the parks. However, the Parks are facing budget cuts and so are increasing fees.

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Katahdin Lake Approved

The Katahdin Lake acquisition at Baxter State Park which had aggravated locals but thrilled park goers has been signed into law.

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Repairs to Taum Sauk Were Delayed to Collect Bonus

The news continues to be bad for Ameren as reports come out: repairs to known problems were delayed so staff could get bonuses, faulty materials were used. Meanwhile Gov. Blunt is suggesting Ameren extend the KATY bicycle trail on rail … Continue reading

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Tour de Georgia Race Up Brasstown Bald

There was a strong race up Brasstown Bald as part of the Tour de Georgia race.

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Mount Washington Hotel Sold

The landmark Mount Washington Resort at Bretton Woods has been sold.

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