300 Foot Fall on Mount Hood Reid Glacier

Jeremy Buck survived a 300 foot fall down Reid Glacier on Mount Hood.


Injured man rescued from Mount Hood
Katu.com – Portland,OR,USA

PORTLAND, Ore. – A rescue team retrieved a Portland man who survived a 300-foot fall on Mount Hood this weekend. Jeremy Buck, 41

Jeremy Buck, 41, broke a rib and suffered hip and leg injuries.

Snow cat drivers from Timberline Lodge were later dispatched to the 9,200 level of the mountain to take Buck to the lodge. The rescue team and Buck reached the lodge at 10 p.m., their backpacks frozen to their clothing.

One icy spot sends climber flying down Mount Hood
OregonLive.com – Portland,OR,USA

As he cartwheeled 300 feet down Mount Hood’s Reid Glacier, Jeremy Buck was amazed at the clarity of his thinking. “As I was banging


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