Coyote, Bear, Mountain Lion Attacks in CO, MA, TN, WA

Here’s a summary of coyote, bear and mountain lion reports in Tennessee, Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts.

believed to have attacked family found

Chattanooga Times Free Press – TN, USA

… found the bear in the same trap where they detected paw prints

and other bear activity on Saturday in the Cherokee National Forest Chilhowee

Recreation Area …

Mountain Lion Shot After Attacking Hiker

All Headline News – USA

Boulder, CO (AHN) – A wildlife officer shot and killed a female mountain

lion after she attacked a 7-year-old boy hiking with his family. …

Hunter Injured In Bear Attack At Wash. State Park – Hartford,CT,USA

FORKS, Wash. — Authorities said Saturday that a hunter was seriously

injured by a black bear outside of Olympic National Park in Washington

state. ..

Hiker Attacked By Coyote

Boston – MA, USA

… On Monday night, three coyotes crept up to a hiker who was cooking

dinner. … Police are warning people about the coyote that attacked the

hiker . .

Hiker receives preventative rabies treatment after coyote attack

Eyewitness News – East Providence,RI,USA

ROYALSTON, Mass. Signs have been posted in Royalston warning hikers

about potential danger from coyotes. A Gardner man who was hiking …

Hiker Describes Coyote Attack

Boston – MA, USA

NewsCenter 5’s David Boeri reported that John Melvin, of Gardner, is

receiving rabies treatment after he was bitten by a coyote in the town

Monday. …

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