Backcountry Accidents: Cub Scouts in California, Fatal Fall on Starr Mountain, TN

Three Cub Scouts reunited after getting lost in state park
Napa Valley Register – Napa,CA,USA

By MARSHA DORGAN, Register Staff Writer. Three Cub Scouts were reunited with their troop after being lost for about an hour and half in Robert Louis Stevensen State Park near Santa Rosa…

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Coverage of 2006 Mount Mitchell Marathon

Here’s coverage of the 2006 Mount Mitchell Marathon which takes place on the last weekend of each February.


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Hawaii Considers Coqui Frog Cry a Screech Instead of a Chirp

Hawaii is planning to eradicate the famed coqui frog from the island.

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2006-02-24 Backcountry Accident Reports on Kilimanjaro, California, Colorado, Hawaii, UK, Utah

Backcountry Accident Reports at February 24, 2006


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Ameren Settles With Taum Sauk Supt. Jerry Toop Over Disaster

Ameren has settled with Taum Sauk Supt. Jerry Toop whose family was washed away in the Dec. 14 collapse of the Taum Sauk Reservoir.

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2006-02-22 Backcountry Accidents in California, Colorado, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, Australia, Spain

Accident reports as of February 22, 2006

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Vandals Dismantle Mauna Kea Summit Alter

Authorities say somebody on Valentines Day apparently dismantled the Mauna Kea summit alter with a machete.

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Arizona, New Hampshire and Virginia Backcountry Accident Reports

Here’s February 22, 2006 accident reports:


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8 Hour Everest Record Claim Holder Pemba Dorje Sherpa Jailed

EverestNews via NepalNews reports that Pemba Dorje Sherpa, 28, who claims to have climbed Everest in a record 8 hours 10 minutes was thrown in jail after he went to the police to compalin of being harrassed claimed the record in 2004.

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Flap Over Yellowstone Snowmobile Joke

Snowmobilers are calling for the resignation of John Sacklin is Yellowstone’s lead planner on the winter-use environmental study that examines the effects of snowmobiles in the park after he forwarded a snowmobile joke to them.

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$33 Million Mount Magazine Lodge is Arkansas 5th Largest Construction Project

The new $33 million lodge on Mount Magazine is the fifth largest ongoing construction project in Arkansas and the the state park system’s biggest project ever.

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30 Foot 3 Ton Climbing Wall Stolen in Memphis

Police report they have recovered a 30 foot high 3-ton climbing wall that was stolen in Memphis from Outdoors Inc. but was recovered at the airport. The wall had been taken in tact and not broken apart.

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Mountaineer Memorabilia on Ebay

A Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond Mountaineers are offering memorabilia on ebay in a charity fundraiser:

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Claim of Record 13 Hour Aconcagua Climb

Peruvian Holmes Pantoja Bayona claims to have climber South America’s highest point in 13 hours:

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Surviving Ben Nevis Avalanche

Reports on five surviving avalanches on Ben Nevis:

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