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Overweight Trucks Permitted to Carry Away Taum Sauk Debris

Gov. Blunt has issued an order permitting overweight trucks to carry away Taum Sauk debris.

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Mount Washington Observatory Radio Show Leaves Air

The Weather Notebook broadcast by Mount Washington Observatory has been cancelled.

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Fire Destroys Part of Mount Washington Hotel Complex

A New Years fire destroyed a hotel complex at historic Mount Washington Hotel, which was not damaged.

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7 Fatalities on Slovakia’a Highest Mountain Range

Avalanches killed seven Czech tourists Saturday in Slovakia’s highest mountain range and a German man on a snowshoe tour a day earlier in Switzerland, officials said.

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2 Snowmobiler Fatalities Near Rocky Mountain National Park

New Year’s Day avalanche killed two snowmobilers near Rocky Mountain National Park, officials said.

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4 Fatalities in European Avalanches

Two climbers and two skiers died in the French Alps on Sunday in a weekend with high avalanche risk, said rescue services. Two others were still missing.

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4 Hour Helicopter Rescue at Seven Falls, Arizona

Tucson hiker fell 30 feet at Seven Falls on Monday, requiring a dramatic, four-hour helicopter rescue.

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Uintas Closed in Fatal Avalanche

About 600 square miles of the Uinta National Forest were closed to the public Tuesday as frequent avalanches continued to hit the area where a snowshoer was lost on Saturday.

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Sophisticated LIDAR Mapping of Taum Sauk Disaster

Sanborn CEO John Copple today announced the company has been contracted to provide high-density lidar data to the state of Missouri to support restoration efforts in the ruin caused by a wall of water that rushed through a rural area … Continue reading

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Weather Channel Broadcast From Mount Washington

Weather Channel Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams and a film crew will travel via snow tractor to the summit to tape footage and interviews with Mount Washington Observatory summit staff for the program “Weekend View” scheduled to air Saturday and Sunday, January … Continue reading

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