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Why Isn’t Ameren Showing Contrition Over Taum Sauk Disaster?

You really have to wonder why Ameren has not been showing any contrition in the Taum Sauk disaster.

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Aconcagua Condor in Record Hang Glide Over 29,850 Feet

The “Aconcagua Condor” (Angelo Darrigo) broke his Everest hang glider height reocrd with a 9,100 meter (29,850 feet) flight over Tupungato volcano in the Andean Cordillera (Range) breaking his very own Everest 2004 altitude record.

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Ed Viesturs Raises Seahawks Banner Above Space Needle

Clmbing legend Ed Viesturs raised a huge blue flag with the number 12 atop the Seattle Space Needle.

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Kilimanjaro Fee Hike Does Not Deter Visitors

The increase in Kilimanjaro fees from US $30 to $60 has not decreased the number of visitors.

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Sylvestor Stallone to Market Sly Water from Mount Rainier’s Carbon Glacier

Sylvestor Stallone will be marketing “Sly Water” from Mount Rainier’s Carbon glacier starting in March.

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Brasstown Replaces Its Volunteer Gift Shop

The National Forest has cut its ties with the Chattahoochee Oconee Forest Interpretive Association which staffs the gift shop at Brasstown Bald with volunteers

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Tribes Seek Rennaming of Custer to Chief Crazy Horse State Park

Indian tribes are seeking to rename Custer State Park to Chief Crazy Horse State Park.

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Taum Sauk Reservoir Overflowed in September

The Taum Sauk Reservoir had a Niagra Falls style overflow on September 26 at the same spot that collapsed on December 14 — one day after the reservoir received an engineering award.

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Mount Magazine Lodge Dedication Planned for May 18

Mount Magazine construction work on the 60-room lodge and 13 guest cabins has reached its final stages and is supposed to be finished sometime in January.

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Last Taum Sauk Child Goes Home

Tanner Toops, the last child injured in the Taum Sauk disaster has gone home.

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Baxter Interim Director Jensen Bissell Promoted to Replace Buzz Caverly

Interim Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell, of Milo has been promoted to replace Buzz Caverly at the park.

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Hypothermia Rescue on Hopper Trail on Greylock

Heather Wilson, 43, of Hartford, Conn., was rescued on Hopper Trail on Greylock suffering from hypothermia.

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Trail to Kilimanjaro Closed in Wake of Fatal Rock Fall That Killed 3

Authorities have closed a trail to Kilimanjaro After three Americans were killed in a rock slide.

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30 Year Old Suffers Fatal Attack Near Aconcaqua Summit

30 year old Borja Oviedo suffered a heart attack10 metres short of the 6,962m high summit of Aconcaqua. Spanish climber dies in the Andes Wed, 11 Jan 2006, 17:32

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Body of 1980s Hiker Found on Godley Glacier on Mount Cook

Climbers have discovered the skeletel remains of a hiker belived lost on Mount Cook in the 1980s.

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