Fund Raisers for Taum Sauk Superintendent’s Children Still in Critical Condition

Below is a summary of articles on the Taum Sauk dam disaster in the past week.

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Søren Gudman Completes 7 Summits (Kosciusko version) in 194 Days

Søren Gudman climbed the 7 Summits (Kosciusko version) in a record 194 days.

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Judge Throws Out $20 Million Wrongful Death Suit in Yosemite

A judge has thrown out the lawsuit that Yosemite was responsible for a fatal rock slide.

Below is the original September 14, 2005, post:
Superclimb reports climbers fear a $20 million wrongful death suit against Yosemite will end the sport there.

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Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Disaster

The Upper Reservoir at the Taum Sauk Pumped Storage Plant has been breached flooding the Black River and creating havoc and washing out roads and buildings downstream.

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Citations in Controversial Retreat Mining Collapse on Black Mountain

Kentucky officials issued seven citations in connection with a mine cave in on Black Mountain that killed two miners on Aug. 3.

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Panoramas With Peaks Identified From NC, TN, GA Summits

Ken Gauger has released a series of very detailed images identifying the mountain peaks from Mount Mitchell, Clingmans and Brasstown Bald.

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Rescue at Ape Cave on Mount St. Helens

A man wearing light sweatshirt was rescued after getting lost while climbing through Ape Cave on Mount St. Helens.

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Proposed NPS Guidelines Would Permit Donor Renaming of Trails

The NPS is proposing guidelines that would trails to be renamed by sponsors according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

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Baxter Relatives Complain About Director Selection Process

Relatives of Percival Baxter who donated Maine’s highest point are complaining they are not being consulted on the replacement of Buzz Caverly as director.

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Blumanauer and Walden Expanded Mount Hood Wilderness Plan

U.S. Reps. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Portland, and Greg Walden, a Republican from Hood River, back from hiking 41 miles around Mount Hood have come up with a plan to protect the mountain.

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Rainier Study Reveals Major Quake Threat at Ohanapecosh

Geologists in reviewing a 3D Cat scan of Rainier have upgraded the earthquake possibilites on fault Ohanapecosh.

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35 Percent Increase in Lyme Disease Deer Ticks in Northeast

Mongabay reports a 35 percent increase in Lyme Disease bearing deer ticks following the hot dry summer.

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