Fatal Avalanche Between Fourteeners Torreys Peak and Grays Peak

Patrick D. Niedringhaus, 18, was killed in an avalanche between Fourteeners Torreys Peak and Grays Peak.

While the teens, who were from the Colorado Springs area, were equipped for camping and snowshoeing, they were not prepared for avalanches, sheriff’s and rescue officials said.

The two were climbing out on Thursday to Kelso Ridge when strong gusty winds and blowing snow aborted their hike.

They began to make their way down on snowshoes when the weather increasingly got worse, and the mountains’ unstable slopes became ripe for avalanches, the authorities said.

About 1 p.m. an avalanche – about 100 yards long, 100 yards wide and 6 feet deep – was unleashed, Albers said.

The younger teen was partially buried, but managed to dig himself out, Barwick said. He briefly saw his friend, but then was unable to locate him in the slide, he said.

Albers said the survivor found a skier and told him to call for help. Sheriff’s deputies responded and called the Alpine Rescue Team.

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