Proposed NPS Guidelines Would Permit Donor Renaming of Trails

The NPS is proposing guidelines that would trails to be renamed by sponsors according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Park managers would be encouraged to offer packages that attract big corporate donors, including –
  • Liberalized naming rights for trails, benches, rooms and other facilities (but not parks themselves), as well as display of logos and slogans on park literature, computer screens, and plaques;
  • Exclusive media advertising rights to the official NPS Arrowhead symbol, the term “Proud Partner” of the National Park Service and the use of uniformed park employees in ads; and
  • Flexibility to negotiate customized recognition deals that “meet the needs of individual donors.”
  • The plan jettisons bans against accepting or soliciting donations from vendors, concessionaires, permittees and others doing business with a park. Alcohol, tobacco and even gambling companies would also be eligible park sponsors. The only up-front review of major gifts would be a subjective “totality of circumstances” test applied by top officials to determine whether the donation is “appropriate.”

    The Proposed Policy
    PEER’s Comparison of Changes From Current Policy

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