Baxter Relatives Complain About Director Selection Process

Relatives of Percival Baxter who donated Maine’s highest point are complaining they are not being consulted on the replacement of Buzz Caverly as director.

“Gov. Baxter created no formal role for the family” when he entrusted the park to the authority, said Deputy Attorney General Paul Stern, the authority’s lawyer for the last 20 years.

The 15-member advisory committee was created by the park authority shortly after Baxter’s death, and it has “no formal foundation,” he said.

Stern said state law requires that applications for state jobs remain confidential, so it would be “problematic” to share those applications with the advisory committee, whose members are private citizens, not state officials.

Saying he is “very surprised” by the criticism, Rowe said the authority cancels meetings only when members cannot attend or when there is so little business that it makes more sense to wait.

Rowe said the park authority is “empowered to make all decisions” about park operations, both by Percival Baxter and by state law.

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