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Pikeville, Kentucky, Asks Coal Companies To Blow Up 2 Mountains

Pikeville, Kentucky, is asking coal companies to remove two mountain tops to make room for more development for the town.

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Taum Sauk Dubbed Brokeback Mountain

A John Darkow cartoon in the

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Is There A Real Brokeback Mountain?

Much of Brokeback Mountain is set in Riverton, Wyoming, gateway to the Wind River Range and Gannett Peak.

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NY Times on NYC County Highpoints in Revolution (site of April 29 Highpointers Gathering)

The New York Times has an article on NYC county highpoints strategic importance during the Revolutionary War.

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Fatal Avalanche Between Fourteeners Torreys Peak and Grays Peak

Patrick D. Niedringhaus, 18, was killed in an avalanche between Fourteeners Torreys Peak and Grays Peak.

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Seattle Mountain Rescue Founder Paul Williams (1925-2005)

Newspapers across the country report the passing of Seattle Mountain Rescue Founder Paul Williams.

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Manslaughter Charges in Everest Fatality

Manslaughter charges have been brought against Out There Trekking of Britain in connection with the fatality six years ago of Michael Matthews on Everest.

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Taum Sauk Park Supt. Jerry Toops on the Roar, the Miracle and Dealing with Hypothermia Burning

Taum Sauk State Park Superintendent Jerry Toops gave his first press conference after a billion gallons of water from Ameron’s pumped storage facility washed away his home and children.

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Alpine Club Buys Mount McKinley Model

The Alaska section of the American Alpine Club has purchased a detailed model of Mount McKinley that contain 10,000 data points per square inch and is aimed to help climbers understand the mountain.

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MSNBC Article on Insurance Options for Climbers

MSNBC has an excellent article on insurance options for climbers.

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Mountaineers Now Urge Climbers Whether It Is Safer to Wait for Help

The Mountaineers are planning to teach climbers to evaluate whether it is safer to wait for help.

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USGS Photo Gallery of Taum Sauk Disaster

The USGS has a page devoted to the Taum Sauk disaster.

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Syria Plans $15 Billion Development on Mount Hermon/Jabal Sheikh

Syria has announced plans for a $15 billion tourist development on its highest point — Mount Hermon/Jabal Sheikh (9,332 feet/2,814 metres).

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Texas Hiker in Helicopter Rescue After Jumping Mount Bonnell Fence May Face Fine

Austin is considering a $500 fine for hiker who jumped the fence on Mount Bonnell and had to be rescued by helicopter.

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Ohio Doesn’t Like How Arcata is Treating Its McKinley Monument

Canton, Ohio, doesn’t like how Arcata, California, is treating its statue of William McKinley.

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