Witches of Jerimoth Hill

In playing with the print.google.com I came across an excerpt from Haunted Heritage talking about the witches of Jerimoth Hill.

The book calls Foster, RI, “Ghost Central” and RI’s version of Sleepy Hollow. It goes on to report on various ghosts in the vicinity including the woman at Witch Field near Tucker Hollow, the most famous ghost Peleg Walker near Ramtail Village.

The books notes witches were reported to inhabit Jerimoth Hill “according to old timers” The book notes witches probably haven’t returned because they got confused by the directions in the area where North Foster is south of Foster.

These sorts of tidbits are fun in the Google service. Amazon now apparently thinks it can charge to get those tidbits according to the NY Times (and other publications) which say it is preparing to unveil its service where you can buy a few pages of each book.

Authors are nervous about any online delivery service which they say will result in the piracy already exhibited with music and movies.

The service is indeed fun, easy and quick. But I think Google should stick to just putting the texts of public domain books and books authors volunatrily permit to be placed on the system rather than Google’s announced plan to scan all books on the planet whether the authors want that or not.

Google is no longer a beloved little start up. It has a market value bigger than Time Warner and is wanting to serve up the content to make a buck. It’s kind of like when movies first came out and the producers of the first silent version of “Ben Hur” said they didn’t have to pay the author because they felt that creating a movie would stir book sells. The courts said the movies gotta pay.

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