Starbucks Trademark Fighting Mount Rainier Logo Knockoff

The Seattle Times reports Starbucks is having to defend its trademark around the world as imitators make substitions including in Japan where the mermaid is replaced with Mount Rainier.

In Japan, the brand Mount Rainier Espresso & Milk sells canned coffee in stores with a round green logo that’s suspiciously similar. In lieu of Starbucks’ green mermaid in the center, it carries a rendering of Mount Rainier.

In December, Starbucks sued the coffee-shop chain Shanghai Xingbake for trademark infringement. Starbucks uses its American logo and name on storefronts, but its customers know the coffee company as Xingbake.

(“Xing” — pronounced shin — means “star” in Chinese, while bake — pronounced bah-kuh — is the phonetic rendering of “bucks.”)

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