BASE Jumper Injured on North Gateway Rock in Garden of the Gods

The Gazette reports John Agnos fell when he was scaling North Gateway Rock without a rope at Garden of the Gods.

He had planned to BASE jump at about 280 feet

Agnos had been climbing for about 90 minutes before he fell about 60 feet, police said. He had a climbing permit for the park, Garden of the Gods officials said.

“He was almost killed in Las Vegas doing this a while ago, and here he is doing it again,” police said.
A BASE jump from 500 feet can have a parachute ride of about 10 to 15 seconds.

BASE jumping is not illegal, but many jumpers do it covertly because they can face trespassing or reckless endangerment charges.

The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, is believed to be the most frequently jumped site nationwide. The small town welcomes BASE jumpers. An estimated 5,000 jumps are made each year from the 486-foot bridge. Two people have died jumping there.

BASE jumpers leap between a few thousand feet and a couple hundred feet.

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