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Rash of Banff Grizzly Attacks in Suprise Encounters With Sows and Cubs

The Globe and Mail reports a grizzly with a sow attacked hikers on a trail in Banff.

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Jerzy Michalski Seeks to Be Oldest Everest and 7 Summit Completer at 75

Everest News reports Jerzy Michalski wants to be the oldest to climb Everest and the 7 summits at 75.

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Arizona Club to Sprinkle Ashes on 315 Mountains Around Tucson

Arizona Central reports Charlie Whitmore asked his climbing buddy Richard Kane to sprinkle his ashes on the 315 mountain peaks around Tucson.

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Man Wearing Only Cotton Hypothermia Fatality in Alaska Range

Various sources report Steven Lynch, 54, died from hypothermia while climbing in the Alaska range.

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Indiana Landfill to Tower 63 Feet Over Hoosier Hill

The Star Press reports Indiana is bracing for the time when the Randolph County Landfill is higher than its nearby state highpoint Hoosier Hill.

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Rainier’s Paradise Lodge to Close For Two Years Effective Oct. 9

The Seattle Times and other publications report Mount Rainier’s Paradise Inn will close on Oct. 9 for two years during extensive renovations.

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Hiker Stranded Overnight on Loon Mountain Gondola While Search Takes Place Below

The AP reports a Thomas Landeen was stranded overnight on a Loon Mountain, NH, Loon Mountain gondola while searchers hunted for him below.

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Nanga Parbat Discovery Deepens Reinhold Messner Mystery

The discovery of a leather boot and body on Nanga Parbat has only deepened the controvery whether climbing legend Reinhold Messner abandoned his 24-year-old brother Gunther 30 years ago.

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27 Luxury Home Development on Whitney Portal Road

Objections have been raised to a 27-luxury home development on the Whitney Portal Road 4.5 miles west of Lone Pine.

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6 Avalanche Fatalities on Chaukhamba

Sify reports six soldiers from India were swept away in an avalanche on 7,163 metre high Chaukhamba.

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Granite Hiker in Fatal Plunge Apparently While Taking Photos Near Mystic Lake

The Billings Gazette reports the body of a hiker climbing Granite was found in a canyon about 3 miles from Mystic Lake.

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