9-Year-Old in 100 Foot Fall at Ceasars Head State Park in South Carolina

Islandpacket.com reports a 9-year-old was airlifted after falling 100 down a waterfall near Ceasars Head State Park in South Carolina.
Wayside Park is part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area. There have been numerous injuries there including a 20-year-old Marine who suffered severe injuries after sliding down rocks at Wildcat Falls last year, Embry said.

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Engineers Honor North America’s First Pumped Storage Generators at Taum Sauk

A PR Report says The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) presented AmerenUE’s Taum Sauk pumped-storage hydroelectric plant its prestigious “Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing” award.

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5 Avalanche Fatalities on Mount Chomiomo in Sikkim, India

NewIndia Press reports five were killed in an avalanche on Mount Chomiomo.

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2 Show Doberman Pinschers Lose 50 Pounds After Being 13 Days on Glastenbury Mountain in Vermont

Boston.com reports 2 Doberman Pinschers lost 50 pounds after being lost 13 days on Glastenbury Mountain in Vermont.

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Bear Spray Spares Yellowstone Hikers in Grizzly Attack

The AP reports say two hikers near Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone were attacked fully stride by a grizzly bear which relented after being sprayed in the face by bear spray.

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Father and Son in Mystery 200 Foot Fall on Bridge Near Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone

Police are investigating the mystery 200 foot plunge from a bridge of a father and son at Yellowstone.

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11-Year-Old Scout Falls 60 Feet at Backbone State Park, Iowa

WF Courier reports 11-year-old Kyle fell 60 feet while climbing a cliff at Backbone State Park.

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30 Foot Fatal Fall at Canyon Falls, Michigan

WLNS reports Debra Murray fell 30 feet while hiking in Canyon Falls Park in Baraga County in Michigan.

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Gallatin Range Mountain Named for Alex Lowe

The Billings Gazette reports Mountain 10,031 in the Gallatin Range has been named Alex Lowe Peak who died in a 1999 avalanche.

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Soloist on Slab Route on Half Dome is Yosemite’s Sixth Fatality This Season

The AP reports a soloist on Yosemite’s Half Dome was the park’s sixth fatality this season.

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Ted Keizer Attempts 50 KM in 50 States in 74 Days

Ted Keizer is seeking Duofold Hike 50 challenge, trekking 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) in 50 states within 100 days

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Entire Mount Washington Hotel Put Up on Ebay For Katrina Relief

To raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, the Mount Washington Hotel is auctioning itself off online. The winner gets the complete use of the hotel, all 200 rooms, which accommodate 500 people.

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Pennsylvania Profs Unveil Backpack That Generates 7.5 Watts

Science Daily reports University of Pennsylvania biologists have created a backpack that generates 7.4 watts of electricity.

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Firm Wants to Sell Mauna Kea Ash for Mars Training

The AP reports a company says the volcanic ash between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa resembles that of Mars and wants to sell it to NASA for training.

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Rescuers Spend 10 Hours Extracting Hiker From Flume Slide Trail in Whites

The AP reports rescuers spent 10 hours extracting Christopher Stroupe, 33, of Lebanon, from the Flume-Slide Trail in the White Mountains near Lincoln, NH.

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