Teenager in Tour Helicopter Spots Man Lost Five Days on Hawaii Lava Field

Hawaii Lava Field Earth Times reports Gilbert Dewey Gaedcke was rescued after five days on a Hawaii lava field when a teenager spotted him from a tour helicopter.

There had been a massive search for Gaedke but helicopters had issues with cloud cover. He was found trying to focus the mirror on his camera at the helicopter.

He survived by squeezing water from the moss and licking moisture from the sparse vines that he found on the island.

These rocks are like 4-foot glass rocks that are hollow in the middle – they break when you step on them, and you fall through. It’s the most vicious terrain I’d ever seen in my life”.
15-year-old Peter Frank spotted the shining glint of the reflector lens in the sunlight, “It was the only thing like that out there. As we got closer, we realized it was a man,” said Frank, who resides at Pasadena, Calif.

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