Photos of Eurocopter Landing on Everest

Helicopter Landing on Everest Eurocopter has released a gallery showing the landing of its Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 helicopter piloted by Didier Delsalle on Mount Everest on May 14 and May 15.

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Dislodged Rock Breaks Woman’s Arm While Climbing Devil’s Tower

Aberdeen News reports Rita Sanders broke an arm when a rock dislodged by a climber above hit her on Devil’s Tower.

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80 Foot Fatal Fall at Raven Rocks on Appalachian Trail in West Virginia

Leeburgs Today reports Michael Baldoni, 18, fell 80 feet off the Appalachian Trail near Raven Rocks in West Virginia.

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Fatal Fall on Mount Robson in Canada

The Robson Valley Times reports a 21-year-old solo climber had a fatal fall on Mount Robson in Canada.

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Hiker Kicks Grizzly to Survive Canadian Encounter

FFTimes reports Lyle Simpson survived a grizzly attack when used a martial arts kick to the bear’s face near the Whispering Pines Bible camp in Alberta.

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Fatal Heart Attack on LeConte Alum Cave Trail in Smokies

WATE reports John Bollinger, 55, had a fatal heart attack on the Alum Cave trail to LeConte in the Smokies.

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Mountain Bicyclist Airlifted from Ralph Stover Park in Pennsylvania

KYW reports Matthew Powell, a mountain bicyclist had to be airlifted from Ralph Stover State Park in Pennsylvania after fracturing his skull and hip and spending 24 hours in the park.

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Father Roped to Son in Fatal Maroon Bells Fall

The Aspen Times Kip White who was roped with his son on Maroon Bells had a fatal fall.

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