Highest Paved Roads in U.S.

Jerry Brekhaus has posted a list of highest paved roads in the country.

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Study: 29% of McKinley West Bustress Climbers Get Diarrhea

Wilderness & Environmental Medical Society reports that 29% of all of McKinley’s West Bustress climbers get diarrhea.

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Tanzania Upset Over Kenya Claim to Kilimanjaro

The BBC reports Tanzania is upset that Kenya told tourist operators Kilimanjaro is in Kenya.

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Hiker Falls 80 Feet After Ignoring “13 Ways Not to Die in Little River Canyon” in Alabama

WAFF reports that a hiker ignored one of the “13 Ways Not Die In Little River Canyon” in Alabama and fell 80 feet.

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Mount Logan’s Youngest Summiter Jessica Aulik in Fatal Avalanche

CBC reports Jessica Aulik who at 17 was the youngest to climb Canada’s Mount Logan was killed in an avalanche on the east ridge during a climb on May 31.

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Rescue on Greylock’s Blue Mountain Trail

The Berkshire Eagle reports Joanne Preen had to be carried after stumbling when getting lost on Mount Greylock.

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Grizzly Mauls Woman in Alberta Tree

CTV reports a grizzly killed a woman in a tree on Bench Trail in Canmore, Alberta.

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Blogger Robert Milne Collapsed 1,300 Feet from Completing 7 Summits

The Daily Record and other sources report Robert Milne collapsed on Everest 1,300 feet from completing the 7 summits.

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Report: Everest Eurocopter Landing Was Hoax

Everestnews is reporting that the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has said the pilot of the Eurocopter has told them that he did not actually land on the Everest summit on May 14 and 15 as widely publicized but rather 1,000 meters lower on the South Col (and then it only hovered).

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Interracial Marriage Surprises Parents and Rotarians on Everest

An attempt by the Rotarians to plant their centennial flag on Everest got a surprise: the summit’s first marriage.

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Danielle Fisher of Washington State Completes 7 Summits At Age 20

Various sources report Danielle Fisher, of Bow, Washington, climbed Mount Everest to become the youngest to climb the 7 summits at age 20.

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Woman Rescue in Heavy Storm at Amistad NRA in Texas

The NPS Morning Report says a woman was rescued in heavy storm after she fell in Pecos River Canyon in Amistad NRA.

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Glacier Male Black Bear Destroyed After Swiping Car

The NPS Morning Report says a male black bear in Glacier National Park was killed after it shredded shirts thrown at it and then swiped the car of a fleeing family.

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80 Foot Fatal Fall in Chickasaw NRA in Oklahoma

The NPS morning report says William Autrey was found the foot of an 80 foot cliff in the Bromide Hill area of Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma.

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Zion Says 9 1/2 Hour Pine Creek Rescue Was Most Difficult in Memory

Newspapers said Zion National Park Rangers said the 9 1/2 hour rescue in Pine Creek Canyon was one of the most difficult in the park’s history.

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