Granite Thoughts from Harrison Fagg Who Climbed All Montana Peaks Above 12,000 Feet

The Billings Gazette interviewed 73-year-old Harrison Fagg who has summited Granite Peak 7 times and had 12 other unsuccessful attempts (and has climbed all Montana peaks above 12,000 feet.

Here’s some highlights:
“I thought there were four or five,” Fagg said. But he and his son ended up climbing 27. “I’m convinced we’re the only ones to climb them all.” It took the duo five years to find and climb all of the 12,000-plus peaks in Montana. The most they did in one year was eight. “We finished on Mount Hague when I was 50,” Fagg said. “Then I started re-climbing them.”
Worst mountain meal:
Freeze-dried food is always the worst

Description of Granite:

“It’s so miserable…It’s a moonscape, just nothing but rocks and windy.”
Best advice (learned from Granite):
Be prepared. That lesson hit home when Fagg made the mistake of leaving his coat in the car during a day hike to Granite Peak. He got caught on the aptly named Froze-To-Death Plateau in a storm on the way down. “The clouds rolled in, and it was a terrible storm,” Fagg said. “We just hunkered down and took turns lying on top of each other. That taught me a lesson: Don’t leave your coat just to lighten your load.”

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