Danielle Fisher of Washington State Completes 7 Summits At Age 20

Various sources report Danielle Fisher, of Bow, Washington, climbed Mount Everest to become the youngest to climb the 7 summits at age 20.

The feat eclipses 36-year-old Annabelle Bond in May had claimed to be the youngest woman to complete. Annabelle still retains the title of fastest.

Both women climbed Australia’s Kosciusko rather than Indonesia’s Carstenz Pyramid.

Articles described her as “petite 5-foot-7, 130-pounds.” She says she was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder in the sixth grade.

Alpine Ascents guided the last four summits — Everest, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Vinson Massif – costing roughly $96,000, with Everest the most expensive at $65,000

Fisher climbed Mount Rainier at 15.

The previous record holder, Britton Keeshan of Connecticut, completed the Seven Summits last year at age 22. Keeshan is a grandson of the late Bob Keeshan, TV’s “Captain Kangaroo.”

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