Everest Fatality on Climb for Mother’s Charity

Newswatch50 reports an Oswego, NY, man on a charity climb Everest for his mother fell into a crevasse.

Mike O’Brien and his brother Chris were on their way to Base Camp through the ice fall. This is the second fatality on Everest in three days and the second fatal accident for Summit Climb this season.

Late March this year, the outfitter lost two climbers while acclimatizing on neighboring Pumori, when two climbers died while descending from the summit. The Pumori climbers slipped down from 100 meters and fell in a crevasse. According to Mounteverest.net several expeditions are now voicing concerns over unsafe climbing practices – including climbers not clipping in on the safety lines in the Everest ice fall.

The brothers – whose mother and sister died from complications from Huntington’s disease – were climbing Mount Everest to try to raise $100,000 for the Hereditary Disease Foundation.

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