Devil’s Tower Will Not Be Renamed Bear Lodge

The Casper Tribune reports Devils Tower National Park Superintendent Lisa Eckert has off the idea of giving the Devil’s Tower National Monument the added designation of Bear Lodge Historic Landmark after Wyoming’s Congressional delegation objected. Devil’s Tower was the first national monument. She said the Park though will try to discourage climbers from making attempts in June in recognition of American Indian religious ceremonies by requiring registrations. The June voluntary no-climbing “compliance” rate has dropped from about 86 percent in 1995 to 69 percent in 2004.

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Climber With No Gear in 75 Foot Fatal Fall at White Rock Wash in Arizona

Lake Mead National Recreation Area (AZ,NV)
Teenager Killed in Fall

According to the NPS Morning Report at about 6:30 p.m. on April 5th, dispatchers received notice that a young man had fallen off rocks while hiking near White Rock Wash. Rangers and Mohave County Sheriff’s Office personnel responded and found that the 17-year-old Las Vegas boy had died in the fall. Jason Kyle and two friends had been hiking when he decided to attempt to scale a wall. He was not using any climbing gear or safety equipment of any kind. Kyle reached a point where he could no longer go up the face of the rock. He was attempting to climb back down when he fell about 75 feet to his death. This area of the park is popular among hikers who visit the Arizona Hot Springs on Lake Mohave. White Rock Wash is located in Arizona and can be accessed at about mile marker 5 on U.S. 93 (south of Hoover Dam). This is the park’s fourth fatality this year. [Submitted by Roxanne Dey, Public Affairs Specialist]

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Hiker Survives Month With Leech in Nostril

News24 reports a leech lodged in the nostril of a Hong Kong woman after she washed her face in a stream.

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Anniversary of Mount Washington’s 231 mph Wind on April 12

On April 12, 1934, Mount Washington recorded a record 231 mph wind. The next year, nature delivered a runner-up as a hurricane hit the Florida Keys with 200-mile-an-hour gusts. For comparison, winds in a tornado are estimated to be 300 miles an hour. Chicago is known as the windy city. But its average yearly wind speed of a little over 10 miles an hour is behind Cheyenne, Wyoming, at nearly 13, and several cities over 12 miles an hour, including Boston; Great Falls, Montana; and Oklahoma City.

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Canadian Student Survives Wrestling Match With Cougar

Canoe reports a 23-year-old student in Canada’s Kananaskis Country Sheep River Wildlife Sanctuary survived a wrestling match with a cougar by throwing it off of him. Peter Bysterveld said he was walking with his girlfriend when the cougar — about the size of a dog — charged him. He fell and it bit his leg. He then stood up and picked it up by its legs and threw it. The cat then walked away.

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Soloist Killed in Fall at Arthur’s Pass National Park in New Zealand reports Dieter Knoblich of Munich, who was traveling alone, fell into a canyon in Arthur’s Pass National Park in New Zealand’s South Island. Arthur’s Pass National Park, which is totally alpine and contains several glaciers and icefalls, had claimed the lives of dozens of visitors in recent years.

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Russian Trekkers Injured by Car Bomb in Nepal

The climbing community was taken aback by early reports that two Russian Everest climbers had been injured by a Maoist car bomb in Nepal. Although the Russians were indeed injured they were identified later as just trekkers. They are being looked after by Asian Trekking Organization. The government has banned travel on major roads without an armed escort during the Maoist blockade.

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Man and Dog Begin Walk From Galveston to Elbert Summit

Walking from Galveston to Elbert The Dallas News reports Jeff Robinson and his boxer dog Walker have started a 1,336 mile journey from Galveston, Texas, to the summit of Mount Elbert and the on to Denver.

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Murder Charges Refiled in Arizona Trail Dog Confrontation

Arizona Central reports prosecutors have refiled the second degree murder charges against Harold Fish who is accused of shooting an unarmed hiker in a dog confrontation at a Coconino County trailhead near Payson this spring.

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Heavy Snows Reopen Northwest Ski Resorts for First Time Since January

Nearly two feet of snow in the past two weeks have opened Northwest Ski Resorts for the first time since mid-January in this year’s record low snow. Ironically March 31 is the last date that Snotel traditionally measures snowpack. The snow depth at the Mount Hood Station jumped from about 37 inches on March 23rd to 60 inches yesterday. But that’s still only 31 percent of average which is normally more than 100 inches this time of year.

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Exhibit Shows 82 X’s Where Indians Signed Away Rainier and Hood in 1855 Point Elliott Treaty

The HeraldNet reports an exhibit at the Mukilteo Light Station shows the actual 1855 Point Elliott Treaty signed with 82 “X” mark signatures from Indian Chiefs in which they gave Mount Hood and Mount Rainier to the white men. The exhibit is at Mukilteo’s Point Elliott which is where it is believed to have been signed (although some reports indicate it could have been closer to the mouth of the Snohomish River, where a major native village stood in 1855, in what is now Everett).

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Proposed Kilimanjaro Fee Increase for $30 to $100

The Guardian reports the Tanzania National Parks Authority is proposing to increase the entrance fees to Serengeti and Kilimanjaro National Parks from $30 US to $100 US.

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