Man Credits Survival Training in Surviving 8 Nights in Colorado Mountains With Broken Leg

The DenverPost and wire services around the world are reporting that Charles Horton, 55, survived eight nights in near Chapman Reservoir in Rio Blanco County in Routt National Forest near Steamboat Springs after breaking his leg in a cross country skiing accident.

He built a fire the first night and spent the following nights on pine boughs as he crawled one mile towards the trailhead. Horton had not told anybody of his plans and because of his independent nature of taking off nobody was initially concerned. When his landlord — and close family friend — returned from vacation they noticed his plants had dried up. They called the sheriff’s office suggesting they check Dunkley Pass where they found Horton’s car.

A late season snow blanketed the area on Sunday. As rescuers were trying to dig out their stuck snow mobiles near where he was, Horton blew a whistle to attract their attention.

A longbow hunter, Horton had taken a wilderness seminar from famed survivalist Tom Brown Jr. a couple of years ago, Gigi Walker said, and was proud of his backcountry skills.

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