USGS Lists 169 Volcanoes That Need to Be Watched

Spatial News reports the USGS has issued it first list of 169 U.S. volcanoes that need to be monitored through its National Volcano Early Warning System (NVEWS) .

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Hiker Airlifted After Being Stranded in Tree in Los Angeles County Landslide

The Pasadena Star News reports a hiker stranded in a tree during a landslide in Easton Canyon was airlifted out after calling 911 with his cell phone.

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Students Occupy University of Hawaii President’s Office to Protest Secret Navy Installation on Mauna Kea

KHON reports the University of Hawaii’s President’s Office in Bachman Hall has been occupied by first time since 1969 by protesting students — who object to the university’s connections to the Navy which they say include classified facilities on Mauna Kea and Haleakala

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13,000 Foot Peak 8 Ski Lift At Breckenridge — Highest in North America — Approved

The Denver Post reports federal approval for a 13,000 foot ski lift to Peak 8 at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado — the highest in North America.

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Canadian Seeking to Be Oldest Everest Climber Has Fatal Heart Attack at Camp One

The Herald reports Sean Egan, 63, of Ottawa had a heart attack while leading an Everest expedition in hopes of becoming the oldest Canadian to climb the mountain.

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World’s Highest Weather Station Erected at 6,500 Metres on Everest’s Dongrongbu Glacier

China News reports a weather station has erected on Dongrongbu Glacier at 6,500 meters on Mount Everest (Qomolangma) and it will be monitored until October. The station will continue to collect data which will be retrieved when climbing season resumes in April. A weather station was erected on the same spot in 2001 but has since disappeared.

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Mount Washington Auto Road Plans May 8 Opening

The Union Leader reports the Mount Washington Auto Road plans to open May 8. which is relatively early. In the past the Auto Road has been opened as late as July 4.

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Hypothermia Suspected in 2 Fatalities in Utah Canyon

Arizona Central reports hypothermia is suspected as reason two Brigham Young University students attempt to swim Choprock Canyon and wound up drown at the Egypt Trailhead in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

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Relay of Light From Highpoints Celebrates 100th Anniversary of E=MC2

CNN and other publications note that a relay of light that included fireworks on the world’s tallest building Taipei 101 and Taiwan’s highest point Yushan celebrated the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s publication of relativity.

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McKinley Climbing Ranger Roger Robinson Assigned Traffic Duty as Park Replaces Mideast Bound Helicopters

The Anchorage Daily News reports McKinley’s Climbing Ranger Roger Robinson is going to spend half the summer directing traffic as the park attempts to save money to pay for helicopters to replace military copters now in the Middle East.

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Wales Climbing Instructor Fined After Belayers Mistake Let Go of Rope Command

ICWales reports climbing instructor John McDermott was fined £1,500 after a woman was paralyzed from the waist down after belayers let go of a rope after hearing his command which was intended to the climber.

Lisa Brennin was attending a course led by McDermott when he shouted “let go of the rope” as a confidence building exercise to lean back and have confidence in her fellow climbers. Instead her belayers let go of the ropes at Trevor Rocks, near Llangollen and she fell 30 feet.

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McKinley Climbing Fee Increased to $200 As Base Camp Suppliers Are Sent to Mideast

The Seattle Times reports Denali National Park has raised climbing fees from $150 to $200 — the first increase since fees were instituted in the 1990s.

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Man Credits Survival Training in Surviving 8 Nights in Colorado Mountains With Broken Leg

The DenverPost and wire services around the world are reporting that Charles Horton, 55, survived eight nights in near Chapman Reservoir in Rio Blanco County in Routt National Forest near Steamboat Springs after breaking his leg in a cross country skiing accident.

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Lance Armstrong Pessimistic About Tour de France Chances After 3rd Place Snowy Brasstown Bald Showing

The AP reports Lance Armstrong finished third on a snowy Brasstown Bald leg in the Tour de Georgia and he is believed to have told associates that he’s not strong enough now to repeat as Tour de Georgia or Tour de France cycling champion.

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Denali’s Popular Alpha Toklat Wolf Killed 2 Months After Alpha Female’s Death

MSNBC and other news sources report that the alpha male Denali National Park Toklat wolf has been killed.

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