Number of Rainier Climbers Decreased For Fourth Year in Row

The Rainier climbing report for 2004 is out. It notes that registed climbers on Rainier have decreased each year since its high of 13,114 in 2000 to 9,251 in 2004. The overwhelming number (5,400 went up Disappointment Cleaver) while 1,700 went up Emmons. The other routes were numbered in the hundreds. There was nearly a 54% summit percentage success rate (higher than the 46% success rate in 2000).

In 2004 Mount Rainier Climbing Rangers responded to 12 major rescues that included 6 fatalities. They also tended to: 19 climber assists, 4 medicals, 3 carry outs, and 4 searches for missing persons. The most dramatic and publicized incidents were on Liberty Ridge, where, four fatalities occurred (only 130 people attempted via Liberty Ridge).

Changes in 2005 include:
The 2005 season will see the Paradise Climbing Rangers working out of the Climber Information Center located in the Paradise Guide House. This will be the new location for climbing registration and information at Paradise. The Old Station will no longer be used to issue climbing permits.The Camp Muir Public Shelter with the majority of its restoration complete is ready to serve climbers once again. Accommodation in the 18-person capacity shelter will remain first-come first-served. More construction is scheduled to take place up at Camp Muir during the summer of 2005 as work crews reconstruct, stone-for-stone, the historic men’s restroom. Built in 1936, this structure has been slowly collapsing due to geologic changes.

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