Man Escapes Tsunami and Becomes 3rd Fatality in 2 Weeks on Mount Aspiring

The Scotsman reports Dr Donal Deery, of Belfast, who had just missed the Thai Tsunami was killed when he fell 200 meters a peak on Mount Aspiring on South Island of New Zealand near Wanaka. He was reported to have fallen while attempting to save his girlfriend who had slipped in soft snow (she survived but is being treated for back fractures. He was the third person to die on the mountain in 2 weeks. Authorities are having problems recovering the body because of bad weather.

Deery was the second fatality within 24 hours. A German climber was killed the day before. The climber, who is believed to have been living in New Zealand, fell 100m as he and his climbing partner, a 40-year-old man from Hamilton, descended the Ramp at 5pm on Tuesday.

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