Cops on Top Get Sponsorship for 7 Summits Bid

A press release on the business wire says Cops On Top have gotten sponsorship for a bid for the cops to visit the 7 summits. 2005 plan directs expeditions on behalf of fallen comrades to three of the world’s Seven Summits: Mount Kilimanjaro, Denali and Mount Elbrus. Since its inaugural climb, the Dale Claxton Denali Memorial Expedition in 1999, Cops on Top has had a three-fold commitment – to provide tangible aid for the grieving and healing process of those who have lost a loved one, to support organizations dedicated to this cause, and to project a positive image of law enforcement officers. The Cops on Top team is comprised of largely self-funded law enforcement officer volunteer climbers. The sponsors is VF Corporation through its Horace Small and North Face Brands.

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