First Everest Summiter in 2014 Flew Up By Helicopter

The first Everest suummiter in 2014 reached the summit after flying by helicopter to 8,000 feet below the summmit. Wang Ying is the first climber since the fatal avalanche that killed several sherpas effectively the season this year. Her climbing party included no sherpas who had not summited Everest. She is attempting to set a record for climbing all seven summits plus going to both poles. The climb has stirred considerable controversy.

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Profile of Bravo Company Which Does Helicopter Rescues on Rainier

KING has a nice item on Bravo Company at Joint Base Lewis-McChord that performs helicopter searches on rescues on Rainier.

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Climber Falls 1,000 Feet From Hood Summit

Robert Cormier, a Jersey City, New Jersey, fell 1,000 down the north side of Mount Hood from the summit about 8 a.m., Tuesday, May 13, 2014. A helicopter was sent to investigate and found no signs of life but authorities said it would take a week to recover his body because of poor weather and avalanche conditions.

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Hood Snowpack Surges from 50 to 99% of Normal

Late season snow has increased Mount Hood’s snowpack to from 50% to 99% of normal.

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Mount Washington Warns on April Avalanches at Tuckerman Ravine

Reports indicate that with all the snow this was one of the best years ever for skiing at Tuckerman Ravine. Now with warm weather officials are noting there is a high avalanche probability at the Ravine. For more information on avalanche forecasts see:

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Everest Jump Live Cancelled After Joby Ogwyn Loses Sherpa in Deadly Avalanche

Discovery has said it will cancel the planned May 11 Everest Jump Live after Joby Ogwyn lost his sherpa in this week’s deadly Everest avalanche.

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New York 46er Video

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North Dakota Says Public Can’t Comment on Drilling Proposals Affecting Private Land Including Impact on White Butte

The North Dakota Industrial Commission says the public will not be permitted to comment on proposals to drill on private land including White Butte. The issue was raised last fall when North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem listed 18 “extraordinary places” in the state where the public could comment on proposals to drill. One of those places was White Butte. The proposals raised concern over whether the public could comment on private development. There are no plans to drill immediately near White Butte which is well south of the Bakken formation which is where drilling is focused.

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ABC Television Show “Resurrection” Set in Arcadia, Missouri, Premieres March 9

The ABC television show “Resurrection” which is set in Arcadia, Missouri, by Taum Sauk premieres March 9. There will be a screen March 6 at the Arcadia Academy.

The show is not actually being filmed in Arcadia and there’s a petition to do that.

*Show page
*Facebook page

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Bucket List of Things You Should Do in Each State

Huffingpost has a bucket list of the one thing you should do in each state. One of them is a highpoint at a state that might surprise you. Another is something that might happen at this year’s highpointers convention in Tennessee.
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