Should Cains Be Removed from the Backcountry?

Cairnns are huge part of the highpoint photo op. There seems to be a growing movement to eliminate them in wilderness areas as well as other backcountry areas

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Melting Rainier Causes Closure of Westside Road on Rainier

August 13, 2015 Debris Flow on Tahoma Creek, Mount Rainier Nat…

Here is video footage of the August 13, 2015 debris flow at Mount Rainier. Zachary Jones and Caroline Pedro were walking up the now closed Westside Road towards the Tahoma Creek Trail when they heard a loud rumbling. Zachary asked Carol what the sound was, she thought it might be a passing train. They kept walking and got to a clearing where they had a full view of Tahoma Creek. In the distance, they saw huge mounds of tree debris and boulders raging down the creek. Zachary said if we're gonna die, we might as well film it! [Note: both are okay!]

Posted by USGS Volcanoes on Friday, August 14, 2015

An unexpected debris flow from melting Rainier glaciers caused the Park’s Westside Road to be closed on July 13, 2015.

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11 Year Old Tyler Armstrong Seeks to Be Youngest to Climb 7 Summits

Tyler Armstrong from Yorba Linda, California, who is 11 is attempting to become the youngest to climb the seven summits. Armstrong climbed Mount Whitney in one day at age 7 which was said to be a record. He is attempting to raise money for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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South Dakota Board of Geographic Names Votes Against Renaming Harney Peak to Hinhan Kaga (Making of Owls)

The South Dakota Board of Geographic Names has voted 4-1 against renaming Harney Peak to Hinhan Kaga (Making of Owls). The Board on May 7 denied a request to rename the mountain Black Elk Peak. Board members noted there was not wide spread support for the renaming.

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Arizona Snowball to add “Humphreys Peak Lift” as Part of $2 million Overhaul

Don’t get too excited. The Arizona Snowbowl won’t be whisking you up Humphreys Peak in a chairlift. But the Snowbowl likes the name for its first chair lift in many years (and it will be technically on the lower portion of the mountain but serving the ski area and not the hiking area).
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WGAL on Proposal to Rename Negro Mountain/Mount Davis to Mount Nemesis

WGAL has a nice story on a proposal to rename the 30 mile long ridge Negro Mountain to Mount Nemesis. The ridge contains Mount Davis in Pennsylvania.

The logic is that the mountain should be named for the person who the mountain was named for and not his race (and not the landowner who once owned Mount Davis).

There are various stories on whether to name it Nemesis or Goliath.

Historical records contain two stories about the naming of Negro Mountain, which rises to 3,075 feet in Maryland, and 3,213 feet in Pennsylvania. In one account, a free black frontiersman named Nemesis was killed during a skirmish with Indians in 1756 while serving in a militia during the French and Indian War.

In the other version, a large black servant named Goliath was killed while protecting his master, Capt. Andrew Friend, from an Indian attack on their hunting party.

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50 states in record 7 Days

Josh Willis, Brian Mehrens, Nate Williams, and Chris Watson have visit all 50 states (not the highpoints) in 7 days — breaking a record of 8 days. They started in Maine on July 11 and finished in Hawaii on July 17.

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July Snow With 120 MPH Winds Temporarily Closes Newly Reopened Mauna Kea Summit Road

A July snow whipped by 120 mph winds was enough to turn Mauna Kea summit white and temporarily close the newly reopened Summit Road.

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Baxter Issues Summons to Record Breaking AT Through Hiker for Corporate Event on Katahdin

Baxter State Park issued three summons to Scott Jurek after he completed the fastest hike of the Applachian Trail.

Jurek was charged with public drinking, littering and hiking with an oversize group. THe official park statement is:
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Mauna Kea Summit Road Reopens

The Mauna Kea Summit Road has reopened after being closed because of protests over the Thirty Metre Telescope. There are restrictions between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. prohibiting access other than with with vehicle and requiring no camping within one mile of the summit road. Protestors had been camping out at the visitors center which is closed. Rules for access and emergency prohibitions were signed by Governor David Inge on July 14.

Posted July 1, 2015:
The Mauna Kea summit road closed indefinitely at 5:08 pm local time on June 30. The road has been subject to numerous protests over construction of the Thirty Metre Telescope. Among the protests were rock barriers built across the road. If you are planning a visit you should check road conditions.

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