Carlton Australian Rules Football Team Plans Mass Winter Climb of Humphreys

The Carlton Blue Australian rules football team plans a mass winter climb of Humphreys as part of their training.

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Maine Memorial Plans to Carry Stones To Katahdin Summit on Memorial Day 2014

The Maine Memorial project plans to carry stones with the names of service men from Maine who have fallen since 9/11 to the top of Katahdin on Memorial Day 2014.
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First Wintry Storm Temporarily Closes Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell access was closed temporarily due to snow and sleet in the season’s first wintry storm.

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Oxford Scientist Say DNA Tests Show Yeti May Be Brown/Polar Bear Mix

Oxford scientists say DNA tests show that the Yeti may be a brown/polar bear mix.

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Government Shutdown Forces Cancellation of Black Bear Century Bicycle Ride to High Point State Park

Organizers of the Black Bear Century which goes through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area en route to High Point State Park have been forced to cancel the event scheduled for October 12, 2013 because the government shut down means they cannot use planned facilities (for which they had a permit) in the Recreation Area.

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Ribbon Cutting at Renovated Mount Greylock Visitor Center

A ribbon cutting for the newly renovated Mount Greylock visitor center was Thursday, October 3.

The renovation project – which included developing an interpretive master plan for the reservation and installing new interpretive signage along the roads and at the trail heads – was funded through a federal grant for $860,000 and a state grant of $215,000. It has been in development since 2009.

The visitors center now is a polished, interpretive museum that entertains and educates through interactive displays, artifacts from the mountain’s past, and a 3-D topographical map of the region enhanced with interactive lighting.

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Government Shutdown: Wag Bags at Whitney Portal But No Camping Permitted

Outside Magazine has a great article on “rebel visits” to Whitney during the government shutdown. You can’t camp at the Portal but the Portal Store has wag bags provided by the government.

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Teddy Roosevelt Was Climbing Marcy in Marcy in the Days After McKinley Was Shot But Before He Died

North Country Public Radio has a wonderful story featuring Teddy Roosevelt impersonator Joe Wiegand describing the trip Teddy took from Mount Marcy/Lake Tear of the Clouds to North Creek Station and on to Buffalo to become president after the shooting of William McKinley. The “interview” notes that Roosevelt was not on the mountain when the shots were fired. Advisors had recommended after the shooting that Roosevelt take a vacation to assure the public that McKinley was o.k. It was on the vacation that Roosevelt got word that McKinley had taken a turn for the worse and that is when he came down the mountain. McKinley was shot on September 1, 1901 but died on September 14.

Link to Adirondack Attic Description of the Events

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Warm Springs Pow Wow on Mount Hood on Sepember 28

The Warm Springs tribe (known as the Tenino people) have a right by treaty to use the area around Government Camp on Mount Hood. The Mt. Hood Tribal Heritage Center, named Wiwnu Wash, opened at the Mount Skibowl in 2012. The tribe will hold its annual pow wow at the SKibowl on September 28, 2013.

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Guadalupe Reopens Summit Trail Following Floods

Guadalupe has reopened its backcountry following the floods.

There’s lots of dramatic photos of the floods.

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