9 Year Old Tyler Armstrong Claims to Be Youngest to Summit Aconcagua

Nine-year-old Tyler Armstrong claims to be the youngest to summit Aconcagua.

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Death Valley National Park Suspends Badwater Ultramarathon Permit

Death Vally National Park has suspended the permit for the Badwater Ultramarathon. They are reviewing all events and races in the park and will make an announcement on the new policy in March. In the meantime Ultramathon has announced a new course in 2014.

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NPS Reinstates Mountain Trip International to Preferred Denali Guide Service Status

The National Park Service has overturned a ban of Mountain Trip International as preferred Denali guide service. The service had lost its status after a fatal accident in 2011 in which guide Dave Staeheli abandoned Beat Niederer on the mountain. Two others were injured on the expedition.

The NPS in overturning the local park’s move said:

“If viewed as an oversight, albeit it a tragic one, the guides’ (Staeheli’s) failure to carry all required equipment in the Pig Hill incident in 2011 along with MTI’s failure to have a current commercial-use authorization in the Root Glacier incident,” she concluded, “are not, balanced against seven years of satisfactory ratings, enough to declare the operator to have been unsatisfactory over the eight years the current owners of Mountain Trip International have been operating under this contract.”

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Slumdog Mountaineer Dog Rupee Only Visit Basecamp and Not Everest Summit

The Atlantic reports that Rupee, the “slumdog mountaineer”, that reports had said summited Everest actually only visited base camp where several dogs have gone before.

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Alabama Parks Celebrating 75th Anniversary: Cheaha was one of the first parks

Alabama’s park system is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Cheaha was one of Alabama’s original parks.

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Road to Paradise To Be Open 7 Days A Week in 2013-14 Winter

The National Park Service plans to keep the road to Paradise open 7 days a week during the winter of 2013-2014. Last season it was closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Carlton Australian Rules Football Team Plans Mass Winter Climb of Humphreys

The Carlton Blue Australian rules football team plans a mass winter climb of Humphreys as part of their training.

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Maine Memorial Plans to Carry Stones To Katahdin Summit on Memorial Day 2014

The Maine Memorial project plans to carry stones with the names of service men from Maine who have fallen since 9/11 to the top of Katahdin on Memorial Day 2014.
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First Wintry Storm Temporarily Closes Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell access was closed temporarily due to snow and sleet in the season’s first wintry storm.

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Oxford Scientist Say DNA Tests Show Yeti May Be Brown/Polar Bear Mix

Oxford scientists say DNA tests show that the Yeti may be a brown/polar bear mix.

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