Profile of Trail Crew Doing Blasting to Repair Gannett Peak Switchbacks

Gannett Peak, Wyoming
The Fremont County publication The Ranger has a nice article on the trail work involved in building the switchbacks on the Glacier Trail between between Star Lake and Downs Fork Meadows as well as improvement on the Star Lake and Burro Flats. Among other obstacles was blasting on the trail.

The work affects the main trail to Gannett Peak.

The article notes:

To access the area, [Matt] Walter, five trail technicians and Shoshone National Forest blaster Crosby Davidson gathered on July 16 at the head of Glacier Trail ten miles southeast of Dubois. They loaded for eight days as gear including two 100-pound drills, hundreds of pounds of explosives, bear-proof coolers and an electrified bear-fence, was placed on 16 packhorses and mules.

Each animal carried about 200 pounds of equipment.

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Whitney Hiker in Fall Fatality

Mount Whitney Summit, 14,505 Feet, California
Yukio Kato was killed in a 200 foot fall on the trail (at 13,500 feet) on the trail back from the Whitney summit to the trailhead about 1:30 p.m., Sunday, September 1. Officials were unable to recover his body until Monday, September 2.

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3 Injured in 50 Foot Fall Into Emmons Glacier on Rainier

Three climbers fell 50 feet into Emmons Glacier about 3:30 a.m., Sunday, September 1. The three were airlifted separately. Two of them are critically injured.

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Model Explains Why McKinley is Where It Is

After 17,000 hours of Super Computer modeling scientist say they can explain why McKinley is where it is.

Geologists have always said the mountain was created by the Pacific Plate sinking beneath the North American Plate. However they did not know precisely why the mountain formed where it did and the mountain is farther inland than what could be explained in the previous models.
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5 Accused of Manslaughter in 12 Year Old Climber’s Death After Equipment Fails

French officials have charged 5 people with manslaughter in the death of 12-year-old Tito Traversa on a climbing accident in Orpierre, France after his equipment failed allegedly because of faulty equipment.

Among those charged is the owner of the company that produced the rubber keepers without instructions, and the owner of the gear shop that sold the keepers. The manager of the club that organized the climbing trip, as well as two of the instructors who were on site, have also been charged for failing to monitor the assembly of the equipment.

5 Charged With Manslaughter in Tito Traversa Death | News from the Field |

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Matt Kirk Claims 58 days is record for fastest self-supported Appalachian Trail hike

Brevard,North Carolina, school teacher Matt Kirk has claimed the record for fastest self supported hike of the Appalachian Trail – 58 days, nine hours and 38 minutes. The previous record was 60 days. Kirk averaged 37 miles a day.

Former Brevard schoolteacher Matt Kirk hiked the Appalachian Trail in 58 days. |

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Polish Military Officer Killed on Climbers Left Chute on Mount Hood

Authorities report 32-year-old Sebastian Kinasiewic, a Polish military officer, was killed on Mount Hood. His body was discovered at 9500 feet in the couloir Climbers Left Chute

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Officials Order Removal of Mountain from Top of Bejing Apartment

Officials in China have ordered Zhang Lin to remove a mountain he built on top of a 26 story apartment building in Bejing.

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Body of Hiker Missing in 2007 Snowstorm Found on Mauna Kea

The body of Brian Patrick Murphy who disappeared in a snowstorm on Mauna Kea in 2007 has been identified after being discovered in a remote area of the mountain at 12,000 feet.

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Peak Wildlfower Season on Mount Rainier

It’s peak wildflower season on Mount Rainier and of course the photos are beautiful.

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