Tim Johnson in First Winter Bicycle Ascent of Mount Washington

Tim Johnson rode a fat bike up Mount Washington on February 2 for the first winter bicycle ascent of the mountain.

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Fiery Plane Crash on Guadalupe

Guadalupe Mountain National Park has temporarily closed its trails following a small plane crash near the summit. Fire was reported seen at the summit and the debris field is reported to be a half mile wide. Because the crash was in a wilderness area access is only via foot.

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Hawaii Supreme Court Voids Mauna Kea Thirty Metre Telescope Permit Over Due Process

The Hawaii Supreme Court has voided the Thirty Metre Telescope permit on Mauna Kea. The telescope has stirred vigorous protests from native groups including a period where the access road was closed. The specific issue is that it ruled did not allow due process for the the construction permit. It doesn’t end the chances of the scope being built.

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One Ton Generator Stolen From Black Mountain Summit

A one ton Kohler 20KW propane power system was reported stolen Wednedsay, November 11, from the summit of Black Mountain. We of course hate theft of any kind on any highpoint. But when it happens on a private held highpoint where the hosts have been nice enough to give us access this theft really sucks.

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Motormountain Jeep Climb of Highpoints Where They Hide a Belt Buckle

The Motor Mountain folks over at TFLCAR have an entertaining blog about their driving a Jeep Rubicon up highest points where they hide a belt bucklet that you are supposed to shoot a selfie with. Among the states are Taum Sauk, Boundary Peak, Hoosier Hill, Charles Mound, Mount Arvon and Eagle Mountain. and Hawkeye Point

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Petition to Rename Campbell Hill to Mount Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Alaska from Patriot Room
There have been discussions about renaming Rainier, Hood and even Mount Washington in the wake of the Denali renaming. Now a petition is seeking to rename Campbell Hill for the Alaska governor.Sarah Palin.
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Mount McKinley Renamed Denali

President Obama has authorized the renaming of Mount McKinley to Denali. (NY Times)
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Laso Schallerof Record of 193 Feet Cliff Dive in Switzerland

Outside has an amazing video of a record cliff dive by Laso Schallerof 193 feet (58.8 meters) in Maggia, Switzerland.

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Should Cains Be Removed from the Backcountry?

Cairnns are huge part of the highpoint photo op. There seems to be a growing movement to eliminate them in wilderness areas as well as other backcountry areas

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Melting Rainier Causes Closure of Westside Road on Rainier

August 13, 2015 Debris Flow on Tahoma Creek, Mount Rainier Nat…

Here is video footage of the August 13, 2015 debris flow at Mount Rainier. Zachary Jones and Caroline Pedro were walking up the now closed Westside Road towards the Tahoma Creek Trail when they heard a loud rumbling. Zachary asked Carol what the sound was, she thought it might be a passing train. They kept walking and got to a clearing where they had a full view of Tahoma Creek. In the distance, they saw huge mounds of tree debris and boulders raging down the creek. Zachary said if we're gonna die, we might as well film it! [Note: both are okay!]

Posted by USGS Volcanoes on Friday, August 14, 2015

An unexpected debris flow from melting Rainier glaciers caused the Park’s Westside Road to be closed on July 13, 2015.

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