Proposal to Rename Harney Peak to Black Elk Peak

Basil Brave Heart, who describes himself a Lakota elder, has proposed Harney Peak be renamed Black Elk Peak. Brave Heart considers the Harney name offensive because namesake William S. Harney was involved in a the 1855 Battle of Ash Hollow in which women and children Lakota were killed. Black Elk is a Lakota medicine man. Harney Peak is in the Black Elk Wilderness.

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Fatality at Mirror Lake West of Outpost Camp on Mount Whitney

After a five day search, authorities on June 20, 2014 have discovered a body at Mirror Lake west of Outpost Camp on Mount Whitney which hiker John Likely who was last seen at the 99 switchbacks.

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Writer Karen Sykes Believed Killed on Rainier

70-year-old Karen Sykes was reported to have died on Rainier on the Owyhigh Lakes Trail.

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3 Helicopter Rescues in June on Katahdin

There have been two helicopter rescues on Katahdin in two weeks.

On June 23, 2014, a 60 year old man was airlifted by the Maine National Guard after falling 20 feet on the Dudley Trail.

On June 12, 2014, a helicopter rescued a 23-year old man on Chimney Pond via a medevac hoist system after the helicopter could not land.

Maine National Guard officials said they normally only have three rescues among all parks in the state during the summer including Acadia National Park and the Appalachian Trail.

On June 3 a hiker was rescued on the Wassataquoik Stream Trail near Roaring Brook.

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Mount Magazine Butterfly Festival June 20-21

Eastern Tailed-Blue (Cupido comyntas) R7050 Mt. Magazine SP, AR PFN
The Mount Magazine Butterfly Festival is traditionally held the fourth week of June.
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Baxter Closes Katahdin’s Abol Trail For Season Following Rock Slide

Baxter State Park has closed Katahdin’s Abol Trail for the season because of a rock slide.

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4 Climbers and 2 Guides Killed on Rainier’s Liberty Ridge

4 climbers and two guides from Alpine Ascents are believed killed in 3,300 foot fall on Rainier’s Liberty Ridge at about the 12,800 foot level. Park officials say the area is so treacherous that the bodies may not even be found. Among the casualties was guide Matt Hegeman. The worst accident was June 21, 1981, when 11 climbers were killed by an avalanche on Ingraham Glacier.

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Idaho Swarm Earthquakes Subsiding

A series of swarm earthquakes on the Lost River Fault in Idaho dubbed the “Challis Swarm” have started to subside after peaking with a 4.9 quake. The 1983 earthquake on Borah Peak was on this fault.

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First Everest Summiter in 2014 Flew Up By Helicopter

The first Everest suummiter in 2014 reached the summit after flying by helicopter to 8,000 feet below the summmit. Wang Ying is the first climber since the fatal avalanche that killed several sherpas effectively the season this year. Her climbing party included no sherpas who had not summited Everest. She is attempting to set a record for climbing all seven summits plus going to both poles. The climb has stirred considerable controversy.

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Profile of Bravo Company Which Does Helicopter Rescues on Rainier

KING has a nice item on Bravo Company at Joint Base Lewis-McChord that performs helicopter searches on rescues on Rainier.

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