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Profile of Trail Crew Doing Blasting to Repair Gannett Peak Switchbacks

The Fremont County publication The Ranger has a nice article on the trail work involved in building the switchbacks on the Glacier Trail between between Star Lake and Downs Fork Meadows as well as improvement on the Star Lake and … Continue reading

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Randy Udall of Udall political clan found dead after entering Wyoming’s Elkhart trailhead

Randy Udall, of the powerful Udall political family was found dead July 3 after a week search of the Wind Rivers backcountry. Udall had entered via the Elkhart trail head on June 20 and was supposed to return on June … Continue reading

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SPOT Used in Gannett Peak Rescue

Here’s an interesting item of SPOT being used in a rescue on Gannett Peak. The Satellite Personal Tracker is often used in the backcountry for rescues in areas where you do not have cell phone coverage.

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Man Killed in Fall From Gannett Peak Summit

Don Scott, 63, from Boise died in a fall from Gannett Peak. He fell while standing on top of Gannett Peak. Strong winds have prevented helicopters from recovering his body.

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Sad End for Plane Lost on Gannett

The plane crash on Gannett has come to a sad end after it was discovered at 11,100 feet at Indian Pass. Authorities believe a small plane belonging to Sierra Bravo Corp. in Bloomington, Minn, executive has been downed around Gannett … Continue reading

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Group Climbing Wyoming Grand Slam Caught in Lightening Storm

Details are coming out about a group caught in an unexpected lightening storm on Teton that killed one of them. Some members of the group were seeking to climb the “Wyoming Grand Slam” — reaching the summits of Gannett Peak, … Continue reading

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Gannett Peak, Wyoming

Scott Brumund photo from Bonney (Dinwoody) Pass 12,850′ looking north at Gannett Peak on 7/31/97 at approximately 8:00 a.m. Gannett Peak, Wyoming, 13,804 Feet Elevation: 13,804 Feet

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Flap Over Yellowstone Snowmobile Joke

Snowmobilers are calling for the resignation of John Sacklin is Yellowstone’s lead planner on the winter-use environmental study that examines the effects of snowmobiles in the park after he forwarded a snowmobile joke to them.

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February 14, 2006 Backcountry Accident Reports

Backcountry accident reports through February 14, 2006.

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Is There A Real Brokeback Mountain?

Much of Brokeback Mountain is set in Riverton, Wyoming, gateway to the Wind River Range and Gannett Peak.

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