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Time Lapse of Timberline Lodge

Stars at night Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge, Oregon USA. Time Lapse Video by Steven Koch Photography. from Steven Koch on Vimeo. We’re always a sucker for time lapse videos. Above is a 13 second night timelapse (shot over 5 hours) … Continue reading

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Time Lapse of Geminid Meteor Shower By Mount Whitney

Fleeting Light: The High Desert and the Geminid Meteor Shower from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo. The Geminid Meteor shower is tonight. Here’s a time lapse from last year in the Alabama Hills by Mount Whitney.

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Amazing Time Lapse Video of Cottonwood Lakes to Whitney

Here’s an amazing time lapse video of Cottonwood Lakes to Whitney. I have no idea how they could keep that camera so steady!

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Cool Time Lapse of Stars Over Mount Rainier

Here’s a cool time lapse of stars over Mount Rainier. Here’s an explanation of the process.

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